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The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Good White People / WATCH

*There’s been a lot talk this past week about what President Donald Trump knew about the Corona virus and when he knew it.

Recorded interviews as early as last February revealed Trump confessed in private that he realized the COVID-19 virus was more deadly than a seasonal flu. In his public statements Trump told the American people it was no worse than the seasonal flu. That was a lie.

In private Trump is recorded admitting the virus could be as dangerous to children as it had been to the elderly population. In public the president urged parents to send their children back to school without a clear plan to keep them or teachers safe from the virus.

In public Trump urged people to go back to work. He said masks should be optional even through in private he is recorded saying the virus can be passed through the air – not just by touch.

These recorded interviews told me what I already know about Donald Trump: He is a liar who will cheat his way to the top. And he will put your life in harm’s way if it will help hi m get re-election, because in his mind it’s all about him. So I didn’t learn anything new about Donald Trump by listening to those recorded interviews. Telling me he’s a liar is like telling me dogs bark, babies cry and cats meow.

But enough about Trump. Let’s talk about these so-called ‘good white people.’

These recorded interviews of Trump happened as early as February 2020. That’s seven months ago. Why did the journalist who recorded the interviews wait seven months to expose that a liar had lied again?!

Donald Trump

That journalist is Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward. He’s best known for his reporting during the Watergate break-in for The Washington Post. ‘Watergate’ was another political scandal about another lying president – Richard Nixon – who was found to have orchestrated a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington’s Watergate Hotel. He resigned before he could be impeached. So Woodward knows the importance of holding politicians accountable to the people who elected them.

It turns out Woodward didn’t release information about Trump’s double-talk until now, because Woodward wanted to use it to sell his book scheduled for release within a week. Woodward, it turns out, is just as self-serving and greedy as Trump. At least 190,000 Americans are reported dead due to COVID-19 since those recordings were made seven months ago. Woodward thinks of himself as one of those good white people. In reality, he’s just as guilty as Trump for not telling Americans what he knew, when he knew it.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton is another person who aided and abetted Trump’s behavior. Bolton was part of the game of musical chairs that is the Trump administration. He worked with the president about one year before leaving. Last fall when Congress requested that Bolton return to Capitol Hill to testify at impeachment hearings he refused. Not because he had nothing of interest to add to inquiries. Bolton saved what he knew for his now released book. In his book Bolton revealed Trump had asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him win his re-election campaign.

Foreign interference in an American election is illegal. I know that and so does Bolton. Still, he preferred to save that bombshell to sell books instead of telling Congress. Bolton is one of those ‘good white people’ who professes to be better than Trump. In reality he’s just as greedy and self-serving as the president.

And what about that recent Atlantic Magazine article where anonymous sources claim Trump called military service people suckers and losers for giving their lives and allegiance for (what Trump considers to be) nothing in return.

Although Trump’s track record for lying and his tendency for public shaming would lead most rational people to believe the story, these ‘good white people’ should have the guts to stand behind their claims. These people are hypocrites, hiding information when it serves them; revealing information when it’s to their benefit. We see you, white people!

It’s so-called ‘good white people’ like these who – despite Trump’s history of self-proclaimed sexual assault, his stereotypical bigotry against Black and Brown people and his shady business dealings before he was elected – turned a blind eye and elected him president anyway. It was clear Trump wasn’t fit to lead a parade, let alone a nation. Yet millions of people voted for him anyway. Now that Trump has made a disaster of the American economy, upended every political protocol, gave both middle fingers to military service people and nearly 200,000 Americans are dead due to his lack of leadership during this COVID-19 pandemic, now these same ‘good white people’ want our help to vote him out of office.

No, thanks! This is some white people ish. You made the mess. You clean it up. And when somebody tells you who they are, believe them!

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Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with comments, questions or speaking inquiries. Friend her on Facebook/StefanieRivers. Follow her on Twitter @tcbstef and on [email protected]




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