Saturday, June 19, 2021

Comedian King Keraun is Back Hosting Season 2 of ‘That White People Sh*t’ on Fuse / WATCH

*Social media personality turned comedic actor King Keraun is back with season 2 of “That White People Sh*t.”

The show which airs on the Fuse Network follows Keraun as he explores through the experience of doing things only white people do.

You may already be familiar with the term that white people sh*t which is normally said amongst black folks referring to something that is odd to them and more commonly known to be something that only most white people partake in.  

The show’s creator Jacob Cohen-Holmes thought Keraun would be the right person to host the show and give his authentic reaction. Keraun shares with us that he was adamant about letting the producers know he was going to keep it real. 

“Oh, I’m perfect for it because I’m a give the real. Just letting you (the producers) know right now if you want anyone to sugar coat any of this stuff that’s going on, let me know because you ain’t gone get it with me,” says Keraun. 

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King Keraun - That White People Shit

In the first season, Keraun goes to a glassmaker where they make glass figures with the ashes of cremated loved ones including pets, yes their pets. And just now you thought, yes that’s some white people sh*t. And that is the same reaction Keraun had, so like he said he’s giving real and authentic reactions of how most black people would react to these activities. That’s what makes the show interesting to watch. He says exactly what you would be thinking of watching at home.   

The show isn’t about poking fun at another person’s culture but a way to bridge the gap and help educate people about other cultures. Keraun also talked about the importance of black people educating themselves more about our own culture and history so when you are faced with someone trying to downplay your culture you are equipped with the facts the debate them. He used the debate between Cardi B and Candace Owens as an example of needing those facts. Check out the video above to hear what he had to say.  

And make sure you check out the season 2 premiere of That White People Sh*t September 20 at 11:30 pm EST  on the Fuse network.  



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