Friday, July 1, 2022

‘Wells Fargo Karen’ Gets Bank Account Canceled for Filming Her Rant Against Black Employee’s BLM Mask (Video)

Victoria Redstall takes to Facebook live to announce that a Black Wells Fargo employee is wearing a Black Lives Matter mask.

*After “Wells Fargo Karen” decided to livestream her own 4-minute long racist rant against a Black employee at Wells Fargo for wearing a “Black Lives Matter” mask, the bank has reportedly cancelled her account for filming and posting the incident despite the company’s policy banning any filming inside the bank.

Victoria Redstall, a white Trump supporter, explained to her viewers that she had previously complained about the employee’s BLM mask about a month ago and was allegedly told by his manager that action would be taken against him. In the video, Redstall – wearing her mask below her chin – walks toward a teller and whispers to her viewers, “The guy with Black Lives Matter thing is here, and I’m gonna film it.”

“This is Wells Fargo bank and I want to see your mask, ‘cause you’re not meant to wear it in Wells Fargo,” Redstall tells the employee. A manager steps in saying she is not allowed to film inside the building and asks that she delete the video. Redstall does not comply. The manager then pulls her to the side.

“But he’s wearing a Black Lives Matter, he’s wearing that, you know, very dangerous organization,” she says, continuing to film. She claims to be “shaking” and argues that she wouldn’t be allowed to wear a Trump mask as an employee.

Watch below:

Cut to nine days later, when, according to Redstall, she received a call from Wells Fargo informing her that she has just 30 days to clean out her account after they told her multiple times to delete the video. She wrote in a follow-up post, “I was called again today by a very nice man from Headquarters saying that ‘due to the amount of followers I have on social media who might not be of my moral compass, I now pose a threat to the bank, therefore, must remove my funds within 30 days.”

A spokesperson said in a statement to Daily Dot, “I can confirm that the incident in question took place at one of our branches in the Los Angeles County area. At any Wells Fargo branch, video recording is not permitted.”




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