Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Kweli TV: Black Owned, Black Films, Black Curators, the Black Netflix / WATCH

*The new comment from most of us now is “Is it black-owned?” The new Black Netflix aka Kweli TV is.

EURweb correspondent Monique Loveless sat down with Kweli TV founder DeShuna Spencer, to talk about the 100 percent black-owned streaming service.

“Kweli means “truth” in Swahili,” Spencer explains. “Our mission is to curate content that shows a true reflection of equal level of the black experience.”

The digital platform houses over 400 black indie films, documentaries, shows, and children cartoons. Spencer created this much-needed platform after realizing there was nowhere near as much black content out there as mentioned on other media outlets.

Even with the Black Lives Matter on the forefront Netflix, Hulu, and other major streaming platforms still don’t carry  lot of black titles. It’s even harder to find films with black creators from directors to writers and even producers.

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“We carefully select every film, every single month,” the founder said excitedly “Because we want to show the diversity of the black experience we have content from the Caribbean, a documentary of the incident that happened in the ’80s in Philadelphia and a romantic film called Dream State.”

Kweli TV currently has over 35,000 registered users and continues to grow. When joining the network as a subscriber Kweli TV guarantees quality, dope content, and 60% of your membership dollars go to over 200 black filmmakers on the platform. The SVOD says it’s more than Black Netflix, it’s a movement.


“The most exciting thing about Kweli TV is having a space in which we can create a platform where people can learn about culture, about history that isn’t taught in history books.”

You can download the service on all major streaming devices and also on multiple cable setups. To learn more and even apply your project visit Kweli TV.



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