Sunday, May 22, 2022

Daniel Prude’s Daughter Says He Was ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Before ‘Racist Police Officers’ Took His Life (Watch)

Tashyrah Prude, daughter of Daniel Prude, holds a virtual press conference after the death of her father at the hands of Rochester police (Sept. 3, 2020)

*The daughter of  Daniel Prude said Thursday that “racist” police officers caused the death of her father and she needs the city of Rochester to “do better.”

“A racist police officer saw a Black man in need and decided that he just didn’t deserve to live,” Tashyrah Prude, 18, said during a virtual press conference.
Daniel Prude, of Chicago, died after Rochester, N.Y., police placed a “spit hood” over his head while detaining him in March for running naked in the street during a reported mental health episode. Tashyrah Prude pointed out that her father appeared to follow all police commands in video of the incident released by family this week before his death by asphyxiation in Rochester police custody.

“I don’t understand how anybody could say or feel like he was a threat to the police when he complied with all orders,” she continued, adding: “There’s nothing that anyone could say that could convince me that he was a threat to the police officers.”

Officers are seen on the video slamming Prude’s face into the pavement and placing a so-called “spit hood” over his head. New York’s attorney general, Letitia James (D), has reportedly been investigating the incident for months.

A medical examiner ruled that Daniel Prude, 41, was the victim of a homicide as a result of “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint,” while noting that he also was found to have the hallucinogenic drug PCP in his system. The city’s mayor said at a press conference Wednesday that officials had declined to release information about Prude’s death before now due to the ongoing AG investigation.

Tashyrah Prude said Thursday: “I want justice. I want these officers charged with murder and I want the city of Rochester to do better.”

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