Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Finding Joy Through Pain: Singer Tweet is Back with a New Single to Inspire Others / WATCH

*Finding love again, feeling free in that love, while also having autonomy to practice self-care is apart of R & B artist Tweet’s life now and she’s sharing that love with the world in her new single “Neva Felt This Way.”

“Coming out of a heartbreak, I finally found someone who loved me unconditionally,” she said. “This person is my best friend and that’s what the song comes from, just finding out how to receive unconditional love as well as give it.”

The melodic track showcases her soulful vocal range, almost taking us back to her roots in the church, which she admittedly is aware of.

“A lot of times, when I’m writing a song I have to scale back because I’m like ‘you’re being too churchy.’ But I remember Missy [Elliot} used to tell me all the time, ‘girl just do that, because that’s what people love.’ And [I think because of that] it’s reaching the soul of people.”

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Writing this song, it wasn’t just personal for her, it’s been something she hopes will inspire others to lean into the joy life brings, even though she, herself has seen many dark days.

“I’m such a private person, I thought the remedy for it was just to close myself off and close everybody out,” she said, referencing her most recent public break up in 2018 with Mega-Church pastor Jamal Bryant.

But she didn’t. She took her time to heal.

“This pandemic [even] allowed me time for self-reflection, and that means I had to face those pains and learn how to allow that emotion to go through. And then I started meditating and just journaling and writing out my emotions,” she explained.

Jamal Bryant - Tweet
Jamal Bryant & Tweet (Getty)

The pandemic, which has simultaneously spurred on a Racial Revolution, has taken a toll on everyone, especially those in the Black community. It’s become more of a reason why Tweet gave herself time to work on her mental health and in that, she started fully embracing her new love. Now she wants to share that inspiration and black joy with others.

“[When] the pandemic happened, I was at a moment where I didn’t want to sing anything. It was depressing everyday seeing our brothers and sisters being murdered. So I just had a moment that I didn’t want to create at all,” she said.

But she kept going-releasing her single while we’re still in the midst of the ongoing revolution and Covid-19 pandemic. Her hope is other black creatives will do the same—use their gifts to continue to inspire, heal and never give up.




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