Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Why We Kneel: White Man Spits On Minneapolis Cops Without Being Shot Or Arrested

Twitter – Benjamin Crump

*In yet another viral video showing an example of the racial double standard in policing, a white driver is seen angrily confronting Minneapolis police and spitting on one of the officers without receiving as much as a citation, let alone being beaten, shot or killed in response, which happens too frequently with Black and brown people.

The video showed officers speaking at a traffic light with the driver of a car that was stopped behind their police vehicle. The Black woman who filmed the incident is heard commenting in disbelief at what she was witnessing.

“I got y’all motherf***ers, b**ch!” the white driver yelled at the cops, who were already begun retreating to their SUV. But then the white driver actually exited his vehicle and approached the cops while apparently using his cellphone to film them in the middle of a street near an intersection.

“I got you, b**ch,” the man repeated as he walked up aggressively on a Black officer at the stop. Continuing to film, the white man pivots toward the other cop, who tells him, Get out of my face” while repeatedly pushing the driver back toward his car.

Eventually the driver complied and got in his car before getting jumping back out and shouting more curse words in the cop’s face.

“Spit on me one more time!” the officer yells at the driver, who is then allowed to drive away.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the family of Jacob Blake — the unarmed Black man who police shot in the back multiple times while he was trying to get in his car in Kenosha, Wisconsin — tweeted the video on Monday, saying, “White privilege is talking to cops WITHOUT fearing for your life. This white man got out of his car & in officers’ faces… and they told him to “get in the car and go.” He drove away without a scratch. STARK contrast to what we’ve seen happen with Black men and women.”

Watch the video below or click here to view.




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