Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Wait! What? Niecy Nash Marries Another WOMAN: Singer Jessica Betts – PHOTOs/VIDEOs

Niecy Nash & Jessica Betts
Niecy Nash & Jessica Betts (photo: Niecy Nash Instagram)

*Well, we damn sure didn’t see this one coming! We’re talking actress/comedian Niecy Nash announcing via social media that she got married to another WOMAN!

Yep, we guess it true ’cause Madame Nash, who is know for her starring roles on shows like “Claws,” “Scream Queens,” and “Reno 911, ” surprised fans Monday posting a photo of the wedding.

“Mrs. Carol Denise Betts,” Nash wrote to Twitter. Though she’s known popularly as Niecy Nash, the actress’s legal name is Carol Denise. She was previously married to Jay Tucker and Don Nash.

In the pic, Nash appears in a wedding gown, having clearly just been wed to Jessica Betts, who also appears in the photo. Betts is a musician. The two had not publicly been known as a couple prior to the post. Nash was not publicly known to be queer either, though she played a lesbian doctor on The Mindy Project in 2014. She notably kissed Mindy Kaling as a part of the role.

Details of the wedding ceremony are not yet known. Betts confirmed the news on Instagram writing “I got a whole wife.”

The pair have posted about one another in the past. One instance was on the set of Claws, the Florida based TNT series Nash led, the pair posted a photo where Nash referred to Betts as her “homegirl.” The singer also played the role of Nadege in the series for at least one episode in 2018, reports Outmagazine.

Nash, of course was previously married twice (to men). Her first marriage was to Don Nash (1994-2007) and her second was to Jay Tucker (2011–2020).

As Outmagazine noted, the news makes Nash the latest in the string of high-profile Black, sapphic women with love life updates. Raven-Symone announced her marriage to her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday in June. Da Brat clarified speculation about her sexuality, and confirmed that she was seeing Jesseca Dupart in March.

Congratulations to Mrs. and Mrs. Carol and Jessica Betts.




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