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Comedian Thea Vidale Says Brandy and Her Mother Showed ‘Disrespect’ While Working On ‘Thea’

Thea TV series via Twitter
Thea TV series via Twitter

*Brandy’s former “Thea” co-star Thea Vidale says she’s rooting for Monica during the upcoming virtual Verzuz between the two singers. 

“Let’s go—I’m rooting for Monica !” she wrote on Twitter.

As reported by MadameNoire, when folks slammed her remarks, the comedian fired back by setting a few things straight. 

“I’m tired of people coming at me sideways about Brandy,” she wrote. “I never said she wasn’t talented. I do and will always fundamentally disagree with her and her mama’s disrespect while we worked together on my sitcom. And I stand by that sh-t !!”

Thea added, “Your favorites can be wrong sometimes,” she wrote. “Stop being selective about that, just because you like a celebrities [sic[ work ! ! We are all humans who do sh-t that we need to be checked for, sometime !!!!”

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Brandy played Thea’s daughter on the short-lived 90’s sitcom about a widow raising 4 children while holding various low paying jobs.

Meanwhile, Monica said she and Brandy have overcome any petty beef they had during the height of their careers. 

“We’ve long removed ourselves from the dramatics of it but we’re gonna have a very in-depth conversation that may possibly be shared even with the audience because there’s a lot that happens, the fans have no idea what really took place, what really caused the initial friction,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

“Hopefully, we can help some of the younger artists avoid doing the same thing because we did a whole lot more together than we did apart,” Monica said.

The Verzuz battle will air on the Verzuz Instagram battle and Apple Music on August 31 at 8:00 p.m.

There will also be merchandise on sale to commemorate the event, with proceeds going towards Michelle Obama’s “When We Vote” campaign.

“By popular demand, limited edition merch for tomorrow night’s legendary Verzuz battle is now available, ” reads the announcement on Instagram. “Get it while it lasts! 100% of the proceeds will go to @michelleobama’s #WhenWeAllVote because November counts in every way for us.”

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