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Adele Accused of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ for Wearing Bantu knots, Jamaican Flag Bikini

Adele - before after (IG - Getty)
New Adele compared to old Adele (Instagram, Getty)

*Adele is really feeling herself these days as she continues to shed the pounds on her weight loss journey. 

The singer is a self-described Beyonce fantastic, who reportedly once dated rapper Skepta. Over the weekend, her love for Black culture was once again at the center of debate on social media when she paid tribute to Notting Hill Carnival, which celebrates Caribbean and Black culture in the U.K. On Sunday, Adele shared a photo showing her wearing a Jamaican flag bikini top and Bantu knots.

“Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London ????,” she captioned the post. Check out the photo below. 

As you can imagine… she’s catching heat over it. Many accused her of cultural appropriation.

As noted by PEOPLE, one follower commented, “black women are discriminated against for wearing cultural hairstyles like bantu knots and locs but white people are not, that’s not fair and that’s why people are pissed off.”

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Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London ????

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Another wrote, “Dear white people, please just be yourselves and stop it for good with cultural appropriation. Adele the bantu knots were unnecessary. The Jamaican flag bikini top was unnecessary… Please just stop it,” another follower wrote.

Of course there were some who came to Adele’s defense.

“WE LOVE SEEING OUR FLAG EVERYWHERE!!!!” one person wrote in the comments. “This made me smile . It shows the impact my little island has on the whole world. How influential we truly are.”

Another added: “This is cultural appreciation not appropriation.”

A third noted: “Wow. Just wow! I read comments and I am shocked at how silly people can be! Isn’t it funny that most British African and Caribbean commenters are actually happy that Adele is celebrating their culture, while most Americans are saying she is appropriating a culture?! Gosh! When will Americans learn to stop viewing others with their own warped belief that the world revolves around their opinions and standards? THIS IS THE UNITED KINGDOM. Not the United States. We actually do things differently here.”

Several agreed that “Its the AFRICAN Americans in this comment section trying to speak for us Jamaicans.”

In related news, Adele previously revealed that she wants her new album to be full of soul, which is why she has reportedly teamed with R&B producer Raphael Saadiq to aid in the effort. 

The project will be the follow-up to Adele’s “25” album, which she dropped five years ago. According to Gossip On This, the release date has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to The Sun, Adele has asked Saadiq to oversee her upcoming album. She has also collaborated with John Legend on several songs. 

“She’s been a fan of Raphael since she was a teenager and loves his back-catalogue. She wants her next album to be full of soul, with a more eclectic sound,” a source told the British paper.

“Adele is ­pouring her heart and soul into this record, ­including how she feels post-divorce,” The Sun‘s source added.

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