Thursday, December 2, 2021

Emmy Nominee William Jackson Harper Talks Nomination and Protest Importance

Jackson as Chidi Anagoney

*William Jackson Harper is becoming a household name with his 1st Emmy nomination for his role as Chidi on The Good Place. EURweb correspondent Monique Loveless hopped on the phone with Harper to talk about is Black Lives Matter protest, new projects during quarantine, and of course his Emmy nomination.

“I immediately called my mom,” Harper says the talks about the first person he called when he heard about his nomination, “it was a really sweet moment to be able to share that with her.”

William’s character Chidi Anagonye was an extremely intelligent and abnormal but kind individual. Yes, I said was, as Harper’s character Chidi passed away back in January during a bittersweet and touching season four  finale.

“It’s weird,” The Good Place Emmy nominee says about being nominated. “It’s one of those things I did not see coming at all!” The self-proclaimed introvert goes on, “And that it’s all pretty much remote I get to stay in my comfort zone.”

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During these chaotic times, William says that he’s been trying to learn new things and has also been doing his part in hitting the streets and protesting.

“I’ve been taking piano lessons.,” the Midsommar star goes on telling us “Honestly most of my headspace has been taken up by the protest recently.” William elaborates, “There has to be a shift because we can’t continue the way we’ve been going for these hundreds of years, especially when it comes to police violence.”

Besides protesting and becoming apart of the shift, Harper has a few voiceover projects as well. He entering the world of Wakanda by narrating the audiobook series of Marvel’s Black Panther: Sins of the King and bringing life through Audible with the Williamston Theater Festival play, Animals.

“It’s really interesting.” The multi-talented actor says about the Audible play, “ A lot of stage actors are waiting for work right now so this is a way to do it.”

Chico & William Jackson Harper

By the way, anyone who saw William Jackson Harper’s nomination announcement video tweet knows that he was in the middle of meeting with a dog psychic for his baby Chico. Well, he updates us and lets us know the dog psychic has is real with her predictions and Chico is doing much better.

The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards will have a live virtual broadcast show this year and it’s full of blackness so make sure to catch it on Sunday, September 20th, 5 pm PST.




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