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‘Standing Strong’ Released on the Anniversary of the March on Washington

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Jazzy Rita Shelby on the set of Standing Strong video filmed at Southwest Tennessee Community College (Last Dream & Cerjohns Productions)

*(Los Angeles, CA.) — It has been said countless times, we stand on strong backs and shoulders.

Jazzy Rita Shelby (aka LaRita Shelby) took the words to heart and teamed up with Willie Daniels to compose the song Standing Strong.

It is an anthem to the great people who have come before us and it is their strength that we draw upon for what we face today.  Releasing it on the anniversary of the March on Washington is a fitting time to remember and pay homage to our ancestors and champions for justice.

Families and luminaries represented in the video are dated from the 1800’s to the present time. Standing Strong is produced by Michael Wells, choreographed by Cerise Johns and features dancer Anika Isom. Those interspersed in the video include Queen Isabelle Stewart, Dr. Walter Davis (3rd President of Tennessee State), Johnny Holmes (Owner of the famed Victory Grill in Austin, Texas), Mary Ovington (Suffragist & Co-Founder of the NAACP) and The Tuskegee Airmen Class of 45F.

Jazzy Rita: “The time is now. If we are to live and breathe, we must continue to open up the airwaves for new voices to be heard. Some have been here all along, but it took the sign of the times to turn silent screams into shouting echoes of decadence & defiance.  From activism to artistry, I am a part of the disruption of the status quo, forever STANDING STRONG just like our ancestors deemed us to be.”

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Powerful new song “Standing Strong” features history past and history in the making. Available now by Jazzy Rita Shelby.

The descendants of those depicted include Dorie Pride (Indie Artist), Clyde R. Jones (Coming to America), Reginald T. Dorsey (Bill Pickett Rodeo & 5th Ward on UMC), Stogie Kenyatta (The award winning Paul Robeson one man show) and Blair Underwood (Soldier’s Play, Quantico). Fans are invited to take the challenge.  Download the song and make a video tribute to your ancestors.

The “Standing Strong” official release date is August 28th 2020, which is the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington.  The song is available on Apple Music, iHeart radio, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and other digital platforms.

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