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Laurence Fishburne Talks About His Role in New Series #FreeRayshawn



laurence Fishburne - freerayshawn

*The new app Quibi has launched a new drama series starring Laurence FishburneStephan James, and Jasmine Cephas Jones.

#FreeRayshawn tells the relatable story of a man trying to prove his innocence and avoid going to jail or possibly killed for a crime he didn’t commit. Rayshawn, played by Stephan James,  finds himself in a standoff with the police but not before he encounters Laurence Fishburne’s character Steven Poincy 

Poincy is a veteran police officer who comes in to assist the detectives with apprehending Rayshawn, but when they come in contact Poincy is hesitant to arrest him. 

Throughout the series, you see the conflict Poincy is dealing with. He’s trying to do his job as an officer but he’s also trying to help Rayshawn tell his side of the story, he believes Rayshawn’s version of events over his fellow officers. Too many times black men in these situations are guilty before proven innocent and it comes across that Poincy was being empathetic to Rayshawn for that reason.  


 In today’s climate, there are probably plenty of black police officers who face this conflict oftenBetween doing their job and protecting a black man when necessary. We asked Laurence Fishburne how he felt while portraying a character dealing with this dilemma

“What I was attempting to do was portray a whole person who is not one thing or another thing. But is an African American police officer and as a person of color has to deal with the realities of what that means in this country,” says Fishburne.  He also goes on to say “ That was one of the reasons I wanted to do it because it’s a perspective that we don’t often get to hear.”  

This series actually focuses on two perspectives we don’t see much in entertainment or reality. Seeing Rayshwan’s point of view and him trying to show the world who he really is before the media can make their assumptions about him.  

#FreeRayshawn is emotionally suspenseful, but well worth the watch. Make sure to download the Quibi app and start watching, today.  

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Faizon Love Hits Universal with Discrimination Lawsuit Over ‘Couples Retreat’ Poster [VIDEO]



Faizon Love

*Faizon Love has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against Universal Studios for removing him from the international poster for the 2009 comedy “Couples Retreat.”

“This film was a big money-maker for Universal, but instead of honoring my work and my contract, the studio chose to render me invisible to billions of moviegoers,” Love said in a statement, Variety reports

Love claims he only recently realized that he and co-star Kali Hawk are not on the international poster, and their names aren’t even mentioned. 

“Rather than enjoy maximum visibility with the film’s release, Mr. Love was demoted to the proverbial ‘Invisible Man,’” the lawsuit said, referring to Ralph Ellison’s civil rights novel.

“Although Couples Retreat achieved a first-place box office opening weekend ranking, and went on a spectacular run that grossed more than $171 million worldwide, Universal Studios placed Mr. Love in the back seat of the ride enjoyed by his six White costars,” it said.

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Faizon Love

Twitter/The Shade Room

Universal allegedly apologized when first called out over the edited poster, and Love says he was promised future “lucrative, career-making film roles”… but that never hapened. 

The lawsuit claims the movie’s lead actor Vince Vaughn “went so far as to tell Mr. Love that making a big deal about his removal from the poster would not be good for his career.”

Love is taking legal action of behalf of all Black artists who have been mistreated in the industry. 

“They have not only hurt me financially, they have hurt me in a deeper way by dismissing me because of my Blackness — and they have hurt all Black performers by continuing to perpetuate racism in the movie industry,” Love said. “I want to ensure that future generations don’t have to endure the racism and whitewashing that I have experienced.”

The suit accuses Universal of fraud, breach of contract, and violating California’s fair employment act and civil rights law.

Scroll up and hear Faizon talk about the lawsuit via the YouTube clip above.

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‘Bachelorette’ Star Tayshia Adams Gets Emotional During Rare Conversation About Race [VIDEO]



Tayshia Adams - twitter

*“Bachelorette”Star Tayshia Adams opened up about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement during a rare conversation about race on the hit dating series.

Adams confessed to biracial contestant Ivan Hall on Tuesday’s episode that the death of George Floyd changed her perspective as a Black/Latina woman. She became emotional during their date while explaining her experience as a woman of color in America.

 “Being in Orange County and surrounded by a lot of people that don’t look like me — being the only person that looks like me — I’m realizing that I’ve been trying so hard my whole life to blend in because I knew I was different,” said Adams of her California upbringing. “I didn’t really want to cry about it or open up about it, but hearing people yell ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it hit me more than I realize just because those are people in my backyard that I’ve been trying to prove for so long that I’m the same as them.”

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Hall also shared his own experience as man of color, and recalled how his younger brother was mistreated in prison by correctional officers. 

Adamsl told the camera, “He understands me more than anybody else can. That’s obviously what I’ve been looking for.”

The casting of Adams and the discussion about race comes months after Rachel Lindsay, the franchise’s first Black lead, called out the “Bachelor” franchise for “systemic racism.”

In response, producers diversified the popular series both in front of and behind the camera. 

“We made a concerted effort, before the pandemic, to make better strides for diversity and let people see themselves and their love represented on the show,” host and producer Chris Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think the best thing we ever did was realizing and admitting there was an issue, and then saying, ‘Let’s get to work and let’s do better.'”

Speaking to the publication earlier in the season about starring on the show, Adams said: “Not only am I African American, but I am Mexican, and I’m going to have an opportunity to have a platform to relate to so many women who look like me, who haven’t had the opportunity to relate to someone in the past. How can you not want to take that opportunity and be an amazing role model for people? That was something that I took on and was really excited to be able to do.”

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Muslim Model Halima Aden Will No Longer Walk Runways After Losing ‘Touch with Who I Was’




Halima Aden

*Model Halima Aden has announced that she is quitting the runway life after losing touch with her own reality while navigating the fashion industry.

The 23-year-old shared a series of childhood photos, fashion photoshoots on social media, noting that she was pressured to compromise her religious beliefs for her career. 

As noted by PEOPLE, Aden is a Somali-American Muslim, whose family fled Kenya when she was a child. Aden was raised in Minnesota.

“I wish I never stopped bringing my black hijab to set,” she wrote. “Because the minute I got comfortable… well let’s just say I got too carried away.”

Aden continued, “But… this isn’t even my style?? Never was. Why did I allow them to put jeans on my head when at the time I had only ever worn skirts and long dresses?” she captioned a photo of her American Eagle campaign.

Aden made history as the first woman to wear a hijab at several runway shows, including the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. She was also the first to wear a hijab and a burkini in Sports Illustrated‘s 2019 Swimsuit Issue.

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Halima Aden (@khalimaaden)

Recalling a 2017 photoshoot for Glamour in which she wore a green wrap under her hijab and feathers around her neck, she wrote:  “I went back to my hotel room and just sobbed after this shoot because deep down I knew this wasn’t it. But was too scared to speak up,” she wrote. “Also very common struggle when you are the FIRST to do something. Like what was that hideous green grass thing on my head?”

Aden said the coronavirus pandemic has allowed her to reflect on her career choices, writing, “As I’ve said many times being a minority inside of a minority inside of a minority is never easy.”

“Being a “Hijabi” is truly a journey with lots of highs & lows,” she continued. “With that said my hooyo macaan (mother) has been pleading with me for years to open my eyes. Thanks to Covid & the break away from the industry I have finally realized where I went wrong in my personal hijab journey.”

Aden goes on to note that it was her mother who urged her to quit modeling and put her Muslim faith first.

“My mom said “go correct it, you were good and blessed before fashion. THEY came to YOU. What are you scared of? Correct the mistake you made Publicly.. PUBLICALLY,”” Aden wrote

“I never felt more free & relieved. God damn Somali moms are so stubborn like why she wait all these years to say that! But also thank you Covid because being home with her has put back so much into perspective. I’m not rushing back to FASHION,” she continued. 

Check out her post here.

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