Sunday, September 19, 2021

Idris Elba to Mentor Youth for Experimental Boxing School in BBC Documentary Series


*Idris Elba will teach boxing to disadvantaged young people for a four-part limited series on BBC Two titled “Idris Elba’s Fight School.”

According to an article on Deadline:

Students will live and train together over six months in London. The school recruits will battle it out against other amateurs and work towards a big showcase finale. They will be trained in the ring by former boxing champions. If they can stick it out, the no-holds-barred, rough-and-ready experience will motivate them to make positive changes, but only if they are open to them. 

The students will be mentored by Elba throughout the competition. The British actor went through similar training for “Discovery’s Idris Elba: Fighter.”

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Idris Elba

“I see history constantly repeating itself and can empathize with these kids. I believe there is a better way to teach people that you don’t need knives to protect yourself,” Elba said. “ It’s a proven fact that in urban areas where fight schools open, violent crime drops dramatically – which is why I wanted to do this project, in hope that we can change people’s lives. I want this project to be an ongoing presence that will continue to provide support and education for the community for years to come.”

In related news, Elba has teased that a movie version of his popular detective series “Luther” is still in the works.  

“There isn’t a real formal plan for Luther at the moment,” he recently said during a Zoom event, per Sky News. “I’ve made it very clear that I’d like to see Luther come back as a film. And I can tell you this, that we are this close to making a film of Luther.”

Elba told the UK Metro back in 2018, “It will be more murder, more Volvos, more frowning Luther,” he said. “Essentially we just want to try and take it to a much bigger remit and scale and perhaps international as well.”

He also previously revealed that the plan for the TV narrative has always been to grow it into a movie.

“We are really advancing on getting a movie version [of the show] up on the screen,” he explained, adding “Luther has all the ingredients to echo those classic [neo-noir] films of the 90s like Seven and Along Came a Spider, and I think what we would like to do is use that blueprint to create Luther the film.”

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