Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Aaliyah’s Entire Music Catalog May Be Coming to Streaming Platforms

*Aaliyah’s estate has announced that the late singer’s entire music catalog may soon be made available on streaming platforms.

The estate shared the update on Aaliyah’s Instagram profile, writing, “We are excited to announce that communication has commenced between the estate and various record labels about the status of Aaliyah’s music catalogue [sic], as well as its availability on streaming platforms in the near future. Thank you for your continued love and support. More updated to come!”

Fans shared their excitement over the news on Twitter. 

“ABOUT TIME,” wrote one fan. “Baby girl’s legacy shall remain intact.”

“I’m so excited and we are all waiting for @AaliyahHaughton music to be available it’s been far too long for us to not be able to stream it on all platforms,” tweeted another. “Her music needs to be heard and continue to inspire generations to come. Her legacy is everything to us.”

Check out the announcement via the IG embed below. 

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In a 2016 story from Complex on the singer’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, who owns her catalog under his Blackground Records label, writer Stephen Witt said of the absence of Aaliyah’s music on the internet,  “Aaliyah’s internet absence is different—there’s no logic to it. It’s not an artistic statement or a play for more money, and there’s no dedicated Aaliyah-only streaming service in the works.”

Witt continued, “Instead, there’s a single, stubborn man, sitting on a catalog that includes almost all of her most famous work. … The situation puts her entire musical legacy at risk of fading from memory. Year by year, streaming accounts for a greater portion of an artist’s visibility and reverence among the next generation of listeners. And he refuses to budge.”

On Tuesday (August 25), tributes poured in celebrating Aaliyah’s life and music on the 19th anniversary of her tragic death. 

As reported by PEOPLE, fans and fellow artists used the hashtags #Aaliyah19Years and #Aaliyah, to share their favorite songs, memories and photos of the five-time Grammy nominated songstress. 

“Your music has always been 10 STEPS AHEAD & Your sound is still FUTURISTIC,” rapper Missy Elliott tweeted. The two collaborated on nine tracks off of Aaliyah’s sophomore album “One in a Million.”

“Your fashion always been ONE OF KIND. You rocked your outfits with SWAG & SAUCE! Just know that you are still inspiring generations til this day. We love you,” Missy added.

“It’s been too long and I’m lost without you,” added film director Matthew Cherry, using lyrics from the singer’s “Miss U.”

Aaliyah died in a plane crash on Aug. 25, 2001. She was 22.

Ny MaGee
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