Sunday, August 14, 2022

Actor Kadeem Hardison Speaks on Roseanne Barr’s Infamous Phone Throwing Tantrum / WATCH

*Actor Kadeem Hardison joined “The Clay Cane Show” to discuss the new Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters’ which he stars in. During the interview, the actor told host, Clay Cane about the time Roseanne Barr threw a phone at a producer, and said he was shocked that her show got a reboot over ‘A Different World’ after that incident, but he’s not surprised by her racism.

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Host, Clay Cane: Is there any talk of a reboot? I mean, it could easily be done.

Kadeem Hardison: We’ve been trying to do that for about a decade. The owners of the show kind of aren’t interested. So until they get interested, we can’t really move on it, but we’ve been asking them at least a decade, mainly because cast members would love to work again. Like we’re like, “yo, they rebooting” stuff. Can we get some of this?”  They’re like, “No, we’re not interested in that.’ And then we see them reboot, Roseanne… it’s like yo, I was here. I was on the lot when Roseanne threw a telephone at your head and stormed off the set and y’all had to shut down production.

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Clay Cane

Host, Clay Cane: Wait, who did Roseanne throw a telephone at?

Kadeem Hardison: In a meeting with the producers, with the owners.

Host, Clay Cane: Wow, and they gave her her show.

Kadeem Hardison: Threw a telephone at their heads, and stormed off, told them to fix it — and broke out. Her dressing room was right above mine. No, it was above mine. And then, I let her talk me into taking the one below so she didn’t have to climb the stairs. She was sweet to me. We always had a good time.

Host, Clay Cane: What do you think about that whole fiasco she got in with those racist comments about Valerie Jarrett?

Kadeem Hardison: I knew it was coming! I knew it was coming. She was like, you know what I mean? Everybody has their own experience, but nothing from the National Anthem, just — that girl. Nothing about anything she would do would shock me, which is all good. Some people are like that, but I was shocked when they was like, “we’re going to reboot that show.” And I was like, word? And we’ve been asking for like, alright then, let’s see how it goes. Oh, look how it went. And then you feel bad because there’s a whole crew and a whole set of other people that ain’t do nothing wrong, and now they’re in limbo.

Host, Clay Cane: And trying to avoid telephones from Roseanne on another floor.

Kadeem Hardison: She wasn’t throwing no phones at me, but if you was in charge of her thing and she ain’t like so she would pick up a phone and fire it at you. And not a little iPhone, the phone out of the wall with all the buttons and all the inner columns and of them big joints. I’m sorry. That’s not even… I’m going to get a tweet from Roseanne saying “Shut the f*** up!”

Host, Clay Cane: She will do that. She will be upset.

source: SiriusXM’s The Clay Cane Show.




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