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Tokyo Vanity Slams Industry After Being Told She ‘Ain’t Fine Enough To Be A Rapper’

#LHHATL star Tokyo Vanity
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*”Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tokyo Vanity slammed the music industry in a recent Instagram post over the criticism she receives for being a plus-size rapper.

On Thursday, she shared her frustrations about being asked to write songs for “h-es” who she claims can’t rap.

“Welcome to the industry where they wanna sign me to be a writer for h-es who can’t rap,” she wrote. “Where I’m not fine enough to be marketed as a artist but when I’m in the studio the n—as who wanna sign me slick be trying to f–k this same woman who ain’t fine enough to be a rapper make it make sense…”

In the caption to her post, the Louisiana rapper added, “I got time tuhday I said what I said and ain’t taking sh*t down.”

Check out her IG rant below.

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I got time tuhday I said what I said and ain’t taking shit down …

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Rapper Mr. Fortune 500 replied to her post, “I DON’T KNOW WHO TRYNA HIT THAT.” Tokyo fired back, “slime I seen yo b***h I’m not impressed but s**t I ain’t impressed by you either.”

Tokyo gained notoriety doing Vine video skits and is best known for the single ‘That’s My Best Friend.” She previously opened up to The Progress Report about representation in the music industry.

“My goal in the music industry is to open it up. I want it to be where people close their eyes and you get your deals that way. I want it to be where you’re not being judged on what you look like. I want you just to be able to rap, be good at it, be good at performing and get you a deal. You shouldn’t have to be attractive to the guy who gotta push play on your button and smash him to get on the radio. You shouldn’t have to do none of that. A lot of our female artists really be gettin’ extorted.  With that being said, that’s my goal. My goal is to push through and set new levels.”

Last summer, she called out Chris Brown over his alleged dislike of dark-skin Black women. Brown responded by offering to take her to dinner.

“Stop playing with me,” she fired back. “B—-, that s— not funny. Second of all, b—-, I’m not even ya type. B—- you into things of light complexions, you know coke, heroin, molly, acid, embalming fluid, cigarettes … I’m just saying, Puerto Rican women, White women, Asian women. That’s all fine because that’s your preference and we all entitled to a preference. B—-, all I’m doing is calling it like I see it.”

Vanity also accused the singer of turning down dark-skinned women from his VIP sections at clubs. Brown allegedly responded by blocking the reality star.“AT THE CLUB IN LA YOUR RULES WAS NO DARKSKINNED GIRLS AND YOUR SECURITY MADE SURE THE LET THE B—HES KNOW AND ENFORCES THAT,” she wrote. “My homegirl was there that night with her other friends, y’all let her friends in and stopped her and your security said no ‘darkies.’ Like a man stand on what you say and how you feel don’t renege because you’re being bashed that’ain’t gangsta.”

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  1. Being signed as a writer is a good thing! And it can lead to bigger coins once you prove yourself and get in the industry. As for men who don’t want to sign you, but want to f*ck you, I’m not surprised. Some men will poke anything that’s open. Don’t consider it a compliment or criticism. Just focus on your goal and get that check. Keep your eyes on the prize!

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