Friday, May 14, 2021

Cop Fired After Criticizing Minneapolis Police Killing of George Floyd Speaks Out on ‘Breakfast Club’ [WATCH]

*Jaquay Williams, the police officer who was fired over a viral video showing him speaking out against the vile cop culture responsible for George Floyd’s death, shared his story on The Breakfast Club Friday morning. 

“I am disgusted with the things that happened in Minneapolis,” Williams said in the video. He went on to described how Floyd repeated “I can’t breathe,” but officers ignored him.

“As an officer, you are a first responder,” Williams said. “… If someone is hurt, you have to render aid.

“That’s the reason I got behind this badge, right? Because them officers that are afraid to step up, I want to be the one to step up. If I see wrong happening, wrong is not happening in my presence.”

Williams’ video garnered more than 5.4 million views on TikTok. Despite the positive feedback, the Greensboro Police Department fired him over the clip. 

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“I just turned the camera on and it just came out,” he explained on The Breakfast Club of his criticism of the Minneapolis police officer who murdered Floyd. “I didn’t know it was gonna do what it did but I knew it was gonna do something … I was like, you know what? I’mma use this platform and it’s gonna be different because it’s coming from a Black guy with a badge.”

Asked about the Greensboro Police Department’s decision to fire him over the Floyd clip, Williams explained his termination was due to his overall social media activity, and the Floyd clip just so happened to be the icing on the cake.

“On TikTok for a month, I’m posting up the humor videos and stuff like that and then the George Floyd thing happened,” Williams said. “I post up the George Floyd , right? It goes crazy. I get called to Internal Affairs. Internal Affairs brings me upstairs. They telling me, ‘Look, don’t post in your uniform.’ Mind you, I had been posting for a month but I guess now that I was in front of everybody and people were talking, they were like ‘Don’t post in your uniform. Take the videos down. We’re opening an investigation into your social media.'”

Williams’ Floyd clip also made him the target of criticism from the department because explained that he wanted to become a cop so he could “get behind the badge” to “figure out what was going on” and ultimately put a stop to police brutality.

“They didn’t like that,” he said.

“The video only brought light to what was going on,” Williams added.

Catch his full interview with The Breakfast Club crew via the YouTube clip above.

A GoFundMe for Williams has been launched.

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