Thursday, December 2, 2021

Sharon Stone Shares Video of Sister Struggling to Breathe from COVID-19 Ward [WATCH]


*Sharon Stone is urging people to take the coronavirus seriously after both her sister and brother-in-law were hospitalized after testing positive for the deadly contagion. 

The actress shared a video of her sister Kelly Stone struggling to breathe, and noted that Kelly’s husband Bruce Singer is also fighting for his life from the COVID-19 ward at a hospital in Montana where the couple live. 

“I beg you to know that this is real,” Kelly said in a video shared on Instagram over the weekend. “I’m gasping for every breath with oxygen. Please do this for the people that you love — stand behind more tests, more masks, demanding everyone wear a mask. You never, ever want to feel like this. I promise you I only have love in my heart, it is breaking for people that can’t breathe.”

Check out the clip below. 

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In a separate video, Sharon noted that her sister has lupus and expressed frustration over the lack of available testing in Montana.

“The stress, the strain, the exhaustion that is happening in that hospital is met with the conflict around the courthouse, where people are carrying guns and saying it’s their freedom not to have to wear a mask,” Sharon said, referencing Governor Steve Bullock’s mask mandate, which prompted protests outside the state’s Capitol building, per PEOPLE

“This is the situation in Montana, where the governor, Steve Bullock, is not returning my calls. Where the health department, where I continuously call, is hanging up on me,” Sharon said. “This is the state of affairs in the middle of our country. Where you, the people in the middle of our country are at great risk of dying from COVID.”



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“They keep saying that the risks are so small and that you might not die and that it’ll be fine,” Sharon added. “But I’m telling you what’s going on with my family. My grandmother died of COVID, and my godmother died of COVID. My sister and her husband are fighting for their lives and my sister is not doing well.”

“There was no one to help them while they were home alone because there are no kind of nurses that can come to the house there because there’s no tests for them,” the actress said.

“When they say there are tests for everyone they are lying. When they say there are tests even for the nurses in the hospitals, they are lying. People are dying and fighting for their lives because there’s nothing but lies,” she continued, 

Stone then called on fans to take action by voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November. 

“The only thing that’s going to change this is if you vote. And if you vote for Biden and if you vote for Kamala Harris,” she said in the video. 



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