Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Vice Taps Jemele Hill and Cari Champion for Weekly Talk Show

Jemele Hill

*Jemele Hill and Cari Champion have been tapped to host a new weekly talk show that’s slated to debut this summer on Vice TV. 

“Over an initial order of eight episodes, the show aims to unpack the biggest topics and headlines of the week from the worlds of culture, politics, sports and business,” wrote Variety’s Brian Steinberg, who interviewed Hill and Champion.

“Think about how many shows on TV, right now, or that you’ve ever seen, feature two black women whose opinions are actually driving the show,” Hill said  on the network’s NewFront.

Champion added that they hope to explore “uncomfortable” topics, and they’re open to a myriad of guests – especially Rhianna.

Hill and Champion spent years at ESPN, where the former worked on “The Undefeated,” “SportsCenter” and “His & Hers” and the latter was an abchor on “SportsCenter,” “SportsNation” and “First Take.”

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“We  never specifically talked about doing something together, but we were working on a show without knowing we were working on a show,” says Hill, who is now a writer for The Atlantic. 

The two women released they had an audience once folks on social started to engage with some of the remarks that Hill an Champion shared. 

“People would talk about how they felt we had good chemistry, to see two Black women in the sports space sharing their commentary.”

Hill recently blasted NASCAR during a MSNBC interview, over the noose controversy involving driver Bubba Wallace

The veteran journalist called the incident a “disgusting reminder” of who “this sport is for.”

“As someone who has attended several NASCAR races, it’s hard for people of color to feel comfortable in these environments when you see the Confederate flag everywhere, when you just get this sense that you’re at something that you’re not welcome at,” Hill said. 

“As much as NASCAR may try to distance itself from that, it is a living, breathing part of their sport,” she added. 

“This reminder is [a] very stunning, shocking, appalling, disgusting reminder of who, again, this sport is for,” Hill added. “I’m very curious to see how NASCAR handles this, because based [on] everything I’ve read … this had to be an inside job, because this garage was only open to essential personnel. So, somebody associated with NASCAR likely may have been the culprit.”

Ny MaGee
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