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Veteran Reporter DC Livers Launches First Black Woman Owned/Led Sports Network



Black Sportz1

Black Sportz

*( – In a much anticipated, long overdue effort, veteran sports reporter DC Livers has launched the nation’s first Black-Owned, Black-Women led sports network.

The Black Sportz Network ( will serve as the only news network that addresses the media blackout which often restricts Black-owned media from having equal access to professional sports.

“I must be crazy to do this but here I am launching a Black-owned sports network,” said Livers. “ESPN has a virtual sports monopoly. Although many Black-owned media attempt to gain media credentials or access but most of the times they are quickly shot down because there’s systematic and economic racism even in professional sports. [Black Sportz Network] is something I’ve been thinking about for years. I’m often the only Black woman covering a game that doesn’t work for ESPN or mainstream media. I never really get used to it. More than once I’ve had to go to the ladies room and have a good cry. Looking back now, I was just taking one for the team. It’s exciting to be able to help bring equality to sports,” said Livers, who started her professional sports career covering the Indiana Pacers.

“Thanks to a great man named Dean McDowell, I was working on a story about African Americans who worked for the Pacers when Jalen Rose walked in. I landed his first interview as a member of the Pacers. It was pretty surreal because I was moonlighting for my TV station job and had started publishing a tiny little community newspaper. It’s pretty unheard of to have that kind of opportunity but I’m so grateful that Dean understood the importance – years before it became trendy – of making sure that Black-owned media had equal access.”

Livers has already brought on a team of veteran and newbie sports writers but she’s keeping their names close to the vest for fear of talent poaching. In an industry that can turn one interview into millions of dollars, Black-owned media are often left feeling embarrassed because they can’t get equal access to African American players.

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Black Sportz - black owned

“To be frank, it’s terrible. I get so many calls from so many Black-owned media outlets asking me how they can get in. I tell them the truth: You can’t. There’s an invisible electric fence around media credentials for many professional sports leagues. It’s probably the biggest area that professional sports has to work on but I’m hopeful that when people see our collective body of work they’ll start to realize they missed out on some great talent,” said Livers, who is the longest working Black female reporter covering the NBA.

The Black Sportz Network is an omnimedia company featuring next level technology including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality as well as print magazines, blogs/podcasts, TV and radio, social and digital media and eventually an app all created by Black content creators or people who are committed to Livers’ vision of Media Equality. Livers has already locked in at least one advertiser.

“I don’t kid myself. This is not going to be easy. It’s just not. Players are used to going wherever their media person tells them to go so there’s going to have to be some give and take with the media managers. I remain hopeful that as the leagues are starting to embrace racial justice that we’ll find acceptance because in the end Black audiences deserve to have access to the athletes just as much as Bleacher Report, The Fumble or any other outlet,” she said.

Coverage is already underway as Livers and her editorial team have been busy providing LIVE and/or in-person sports coverage including opening Day for the MLB in Washington, DC, the NBA Bubble in Orlando, the WNBA Bubble in Bradenton, FL and the upcoming U.S. Open and Olympics.

Some of the magazines that are part of The Black Sportz Network are WHIPZ (a monthly hip hop focused car and gadgets publication (, Black Sportz Magazine (monthly), Black Runners (Quarterly), Blacks In Tennis (Quarterly) among others.

“If we do our jobs right, 5 years from now people won’t believe there was ever a time when there wasn’t a Black-owned sports network,” Livers said.





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Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid in the Forex Market



Black man - perplexed - hand on head

Black man - perplexed - hand on head

*In South Africa, the Forex industry is booming. Today, when lockdowns have disrupted conventional employment, trading can be a lifesaver. Financially savvy individuals use software to access the global currency market.

Modern brokerage makes trading accessible for everyone. Today, entry costs as little as $10, and education is free. However, do not expect to get rich quickly.

Forex is a special field of expertise. Although it can be mastered by anyone, progress takes time. Beginners tend to make the same mistakes due to recklessness or inexperience. Here are the most common blunders of rookies on the foreign exchange.

  1. They Are Reckless

Forex is a risky undertaking. Like any form of investment, it puts your capital at risk. Any low risk — high return offers are hoaxes. The larger your trades — the more you can lose. Success requires knowledge, consistency, and mindfulness. Trading must be rational.

All too often, beginners overlook the importance of risk management. They may rush to open a live trading account just because they are bored with demo trading. It is very easy to lose your deposit due to inexperience. Haste makes waste, and real trading puts your capital at risk.

Do not forget to set Stop Loss and Take Profit for every trade. This way, you limit potential losses, and exit trades at desirable levels. The market may always turn against you. It is impossible to make a profit from every single trade, but risks must be manageable.

Never rush your switch to live trading. Newbies should practise in the demo mode as long as necessary. Take your time: the more experience you gain, the better your trading will be. Most popular trading terminals like MetaTrader and MetaTrader 5 are perfect for Forex education. Make sure you know how to use the features. Live trading is always different from training.

  1. They Don’t Have a Strategy

Although you bet on price trends, trading is not gambling. Decisions must be based on facts. Newbies ought to learn the basics of fundamental and technical analysis.

Generally, more than 1% of your account on each trade. This means that a client with a $50,000 deposit should limit risks to $500 per trade. This rule should be followed consistently. Don’t think you can risk 5% on one trade, 0.5% on another, and 1% elsewhere.

  1. They Choose the Wrong Brokers

Your choice of a broker is extremely important. This company is your gateway to the global market. It acts as an intermediary and gains revenue from spreads or commissions. The biggest brands like ForexTime operate in many countries. They are subject to supervision by reputable watchdog organizations like the CySEC.

Make sure your broker is officially registered and licensed to render services in South Africa. The local Forex industry lacks regulation, which makes it a gold mine for crooks. Check customer feedback to see if the company delivers on its promises. Do a thorough research and open live trading account with a trusted broker.

Reputable companies provide the right software, support, and education. They also offer copy trading services, so you can delegate decision-making to an expert. Finally, look for services tailored to your region.

  1. They Don’t Know How to Use Leverage

Margin trading is irresistible. After all, the broker can boost your buying power, so you can trade $100,000 with just a $100 balance (for some accounts). Leverage is a major marketing point, but it must be used with caution. Those who lack experience are advised to trade with what they have.

One failed trade can wipe out your account. Of course, leverage allows you to make larger profits. However, it also exposes you to higher risk.

hands - 5 dollar bill wallet

What to Do about Forex Mistakes

Even professionals have failed trades at least occasionally. The market is predictable to a certain degree, and trends can suddenly reverse. Every trader should understand that mistakes can and will happen. The goal is to learn lessons and improve strategies, so you avoid making the same missteps over and over again.

Start small, trade without leverage, and manage risks wisely. Before you gain experience, it is best to stick to the simplest instruments and the least complicated approaches. Learn to accept your shortcomings and use them to hone your skills. Losses are not the end of the world, at least when they are manageable.


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Black Entrepreneurs Day ~ Star Studded Live-Stream by Daymond John, Celebrates Black Business



Daymond John

Daymond John - Black Entrepreneurs Day

*New York, NY– Daymond John, the founder and CEO of FUBU and Co-Star of ABC’s four-time Emmy Award winning show, Shark Tank, has announced the forthcoming Black Entrepreneurs Day presented by Chase for Business. In conjunction with Medium Rare (Shaq vs. Gronk), Black Entrepreneurs Day presented by Chase for Business is a primetime special at the intersection of business and entertainment. The free global live-stream celebrating Black business & entrepreneurship will air on October 24th beginning at 7PM EST on Facebook via Daymond John’s Page and across Facebook channels. The stream will also be simulcasted by  LiveXLive (NASDAQ: LIVX) across 20+ other platforms including: LiveXLive, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

Black Entrepreneurs Day presented by Chase for Business will be highlighted by Game Changer Conversations, presented by The General® Insurance, featuring Daymond John in one-on-one conversations with Black businesses leaders and cultural icons including Shaquille O’Neal, Gabrielle Union, Jamie Foxx, Robert Johnson, LL Cool J and others. Musical superstars Chance The Rapper and Questlove will also take the stage and perform live, in addition to the official Afterparty featuring DJ Diesel a/k/a Shaquille O’Neal presented by Pepsi. Daymond will be based in the Black Entrepreneurs Day custom TV studio in New York City, while all of the virtual interviews will be conducted via the event’s video broadcasting partner, Cisco Webex.

The event will provide guidance and inspiration to the next generation of rising entrepreneurs, as well as $175,000 in bottom-line financial support, via its “NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant,” which was created in partnership with the NAACP. The grants will be broken up into seven, generously funded by the event’s partners: Chase for Business, The General® Insurance, Pepsi, Cisco Webex, Quickbooks, Yappa, and Robinhood. Black entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country can apply now for the NAACP Powershift grant via; applications are now open through October 12th.

Daymond John

Daymond John

Daymond John said, “2020 has been a challenging year for many, but has also created tremendous opportunities for people throughout the country to rise up to be heard. I asked myself ‘how can I make a difference’ and ‘how can I call upon my network to help make that difference.’ I teamed up with Chase For Business to create Black Entrepreneurs Day in order to celebrate small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives me and so many others. The people and partners who have signed on to participate with me in this event are a testament for the need to create change within the Black community. October 24th is the next step of many for supporting our entrepreneurs and is a tremendous endorsement that the world’s most celebrated entertainers, athletes, musicians, and brands will help lead the way.”

Daymond has been an ambassador for Chase since 2016 and has played a central role within Chase’s Advancing Black Entrepreneurs program, which offers tools and advice to help Black business owners address issues such as the financial challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Chase’s bankers across the country continue to assist Black entrepreneurs, helping them effectively start and grow their businesses—from banking, finance and credit options. Daymond is honored to partner with Chase for Business to power the Black Entrepreneurs Day broadcast and to highlight Chase clients overcoming adversity throughout the show. In addition to fueling the NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant, Chase & Daymond will offer mentorship services to the winning entrepreneur.

“Investing in Black-owned businesses is critical to driving job growth and economic opportunity across the country,” said Christopher Hollins, Managing Director, Chase Business Banking. “Through programs like Advancing Black Entrepreneurs, we’re giving owners the tools and advice necessary to prepare their business for long-term success, something that’s especially important today.”

Daymond John - Black Entrepreneurs Day

Daymond has partnered with The General® Insurance to power the event’s “Game Changer Conversations.” The conversation series will feature Daymond in one-on-one conversations with Black business leaders including the company’s Brand Ambassador, Shaquille O’Neal as well as Gabrielle Union, Jamie Foxx, Robert Johnson, LL Cool J, Arlan Hamilton, Brian Lamb, and The General’s Chief Revenue Officer, Elicia Azali. In addition to its commitment to fund one of the five NAACP Grants awarded during the show, Azali and O’Neal will conduct private 1:1 mentorship sessions with the recipient to help him or her grow their business.

“Nearly 1/3 of our customers are considering taking on a ‘side business’ outside of their typical work to make ends meet, and 1 out of 10 are managing their own business. They have big dreams and want to make improvements in their lives to achieve their goals. This event will help them along that journey” said Azali, CRO at The General®.

To further connect with entrepreneurs and those seeking to start their own businesses, viewers from around the world can submit questions exclusively via Yappa that Daymond will answer live during the event. Yappa is an audio and video commenting tool located on the event website and is the official discussion platform of Black Entrepreneurs Day. Established by Black founders Jennifer Dyer and Kiaran Sim in 2015, Yappa’s success is itself a story of perseverance and determination as the duo faced enormous challenges to bankroll their startup. Yappa is proud to support the Black entrepreneurial community by donating $25,000 towards the NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant.

Pepsi ​is​ ​proud to partner with ​Black Entrepreneurs Day ​to present “​The Afterparty with DJ Diesel.” ​As the closing performance of Black Entrepreneurs Day, DJ Diesel will take over the decks for a special 45-minute DJ set. “We’re proud to support Black Entrepreneurs Day and provide the entertainment only Pepsi could bring with DJ Diesel,” said Chauncey Hamlett, VP/CMO PepsiCo Beverages North America – South Division. “Through our partnership, we look forward to continuing to highlight our support for Black Entrepreneurs and particularly our recently launched platform around Black Owned Restaurants, providing them with opportunities to grow their businesses, especially during these challenging times.” ​Additionally, Pepsi​ is proud to support the Black entrepreneurial community by donating $25,000 towards the NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant.

Webex, the video conferencing leader, creates the possibility of remote collaboration that’s simple, reliable, and highly secure. Black Entrepreneurs Day is proud to partner with Webex as the event’s preferred technology to power the Game Changer Conversations and Grant Winners segments. Webex is proud to support the Black entrepreneurial community by donating $25,000 towards the NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant.

Black Entrepreneurs Day has partnered with Intuit Quickbooks to present “Bridging the Digital Gap” an informative panel showcasing technology resources for entrepreneurs in the modern era. The panel will be moderated by Daymond and feature Quickbooks executives and small businesses. QuickBooks is the undisputed leader in small business fintech offering interconnected financial tools including accounting, payroll, payments, lending and ecommerce services, that help 7 million small businesses around the world. QuickBooks saves entrepreneurs and small businesses time and money, while providing information that helps owners make the most informed and impactful decisions for their business.

Black Entrepreneurs Day Presented by Chase for Business Live-StreamProgram:

Game Changer Conversations presented by The General® Insurance will feature one-on-one interviews with Daymond John alongside Shaquille O’Neal, Gabrielle Union, Robert Johnson, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Arlan Hamilton, Elicia Azali, and Brian Lamb. Through direct and incisive questions about his guests’ entrepreneurial journeys, Daymond and co-host Angela Yee will demonstrate that while their paths in business may be unique, the personal qualities that powered their success—hard work, tenacity and good judgment—remain consistent, no matter the challenge.

Live Musical Performances by three-time Grammy winner Chance The Rapper and Hip-Hop statesman Questlove. A renaissance man at 27, Chance The Rapper has used the opportunities created by his chart-topping mixtapes to branch out into producing, acting, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and social activism. The three-time Grammy winner is a platinum recording artist who has also taken home three BET Awards, two BET hip-hop Awards and a Soul Train Music Award, all before the age of 30. A sought-after producer for musical artists both inside and outside the hip-hop family, Questlove can be seen weeknights with The Roots, which has a current residency as the house band for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant” Celebration & Showcase – Daymond’s quest to find and award up and coming Black entrepreneurs has begun! Submissions are now open and six deserving up-and-coming Black entrepreneurs will be awarded $25,000 each to help grow and scale their businesses. In addition to the monetary compensation, winners of the grant will receive personal mentoring from Daymond and join him live on air during Black Entrepreneurs Day to showcase their businesses to millions of viewers.

Robinhood Roundtable – Prepare for a one-of-a-kind segment featuring Daymond in conversation with an incredible black business icon. Stay tuned for more info on what is sure to be a highlight of the show! 

Bridging the Digital Gap Presented by Quickbooks – An informative panel showcasing resources for entrepreneurs in the modern era. The panel will be moderated by Daymond and feature Quickbooks executives and small businesses, stay tuned for more info!

Pepsi Presents the Afterparty with DJ Diesel – Pepsi is proud to present the closing performance of Black Entrepreneurs Day featuring a DJ set from the one and only DJ Diesel a/k/a Shaquille O’Neal.

“Intentional efforts like this are among a number of critical elements that help stabilize our community and reinvigorate the creative identity of entrepreneurs from all across this country” stated Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP. The NAACP is thrilled to be partnering with Daymond John to deliver the Powershift Entrepreneur Grant, and our hope is that this frees future business leaders to imagine the possibilities in business through ingenuity, innovation, and passion.”

The one-of-a-kind historic live-stream will take place October 24th at 7pm EST, from its custom-built studio in New York. All guests will be joining the livestream remotely, thanks to our

partner Cisco Webex. The free global live stream will air on October 24th beginning at 7PM EST on Facebook via Daymond John’s Page and across Facebook channels. The stream will also be simulcasted by LiveXLive across 20+ other platforms including: LiveXLive, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter and more.

Daymond John is CEO and Founder of FUBU, a much-celebrated global lifestyle brand, and a pioneer in the fashion industry with over $6 billion in product sales. John’s marketing strategies and ability to build successful brands has made him a highly influential consultant and motivational speaker today. John is also an author of four best-selling books including his New York Times best-selling books, The Power of Broke (2016) and Rise and Grind (2018). This past March, John released his fifth book, Powershift, that walks through his tried and true process of how to transform any situation, close any deal and achieve any outcome through his own experience and vast network of industry leaders. A Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship under the Obama Administration, John is celebrating his 12th season on ABC’s four time Emmy Award winning show Shark Tank where as one of the original Sharks, he demonstrates his marketing prowess and entrepreneurial insights. He continues to run his marketing firm The Shark Group offers advice on how to effectively communicate to consumers through innovative means and connects brands with the world’s top celebrities for everything from endorsements to product extensions.

Focused at the intersection of Sports & Entertainment, Medium Rare partners with global icons to build live event and content brands. Medium Rare is the creator and producer of: Shaq’s Fun House, Gronk Beach, Black Entrepreneurs Day, Shaq VS Gronk, and more. Additionally Medium Rare manages and produces custom activations for leading brands and icons such as: DJ Diesel aka SHAQ, DJ Carnage, Rob Gronkowski, and Virgin Voyages. Medium Rare was Founded by Joe Silberzweig and Adam Richman, who previously worked with global festivals across Live Nation, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, and LiveStyle. Earlier this year, Joe and Adam were named to the Forbes 30U30 list and Pollstar’s Next Gen Impact list. Learn more at

The Shark Group’s team of expert communicators, strategic analysts, and creative heavyweights excels in propelling brands into the fabric of pop culture. Founded by award winning entrepreneur Daymond John, the agency’s culture is deeply rooted in thinking like entrepreneurs to create value for its partners and clients. Some of its clients include Chase, Shopify, T-Mobile, AARP, Daymond John, Carlos Santana, Catherine Zeta-Jones and many others. Learn more at









Amanda Sprague/RMG
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Founders of Black-Owned Wine Shop in Downtown Oakland Raise $60K in Funding



Alicia Kidd and Mari Kemp
Alicia Kidd and Mari Kemp

Alicia Kidd and Mari Kemp

*Oakland’s Black Arts Movement Business District will soon be the home of the city’s newest cultural destination for wine lovers, CoCo Noir Wine Shop & Bar.

Co-founded by Bay Area natives Alicia Kidd and Mari Kemp, the wine shop is slated to open during the first quarter of 2021 and will focus on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) as well as women-owned brands made around the country as well as globally that can be paired with a curated menu of small bites.

“We founded CoCo Noir to be a disruptor in the wine industry by offering a platform and a space for winemakers of color and women producing amazing wines and also expose those wines to an amazing demographic of people,” says Kidd, who is also a distributor, launching her company The Wine Noire in 2017. Together with Kemp, the entrepreneurs are looking to influence the wine culture that has been steadily rising in Oakland’s nationally recognized culinary scene.

Located at 13th and Webster, Kidd and Kemp are designing CoCo Noir to be a place where wine lovers of all levels can enjoy a glass and purchase their favorite bottles while being immersed in a vibrant community culture. “Part of being able to create Coco Noir is to have a place where people can feel comfortable to be themselves, to be human, while also enjoying the fruits of the community, of local arts as well as global libations of different wines that we will be offering,” says Kemp. The San Francisco native has built a successful career in tech as well as real estate investment.

Since launching their Wefunder campaign on September 8, Kidd and Kemp have secured investments of more than $60,000 from over 100 investors and micro-investors who are excited to be a part of bringing community and culture to wine lovers at the downtown Oakland location. Recognizing their innovative vision to celebrate diversity in the wine industry is Credibles co-founder Arno Hesso, who notes on their Wefunder page, “Their plans are ambitious but grounded in a sense of realism. CoCo Noir is honing in on a very promising location in Oakland, which could serve as a launchpad to branching out even further.”

Kidd and Kemp are currently hosting virtual tasting events and experiences with individuals and groups around the country that provide an inside taste of what’s to come with CoCo Noir.

In addition to carefully curated wine offerings and tasty small bites, the anticipated Bay Area wine location will be tech savvy with a first-of-its-kind mobile app and space for working professionals looking for a change of scenery as well as groups looking to host events where wine is the star of the party.

CoCo Noir Wine Shop & Bar’s Wefunder campaign details are available at The investment level starts at $100, with perks being offered for investments of $250 and up. The revenue share model is set up to offer 4% with a 2.5x payback multiple, which more than doubles one’s original investment. Information meetings are also available by emailing [email protected] to schedule.

Follow their journey to launching CoCo Noir on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

About Alicia Kidd
Born and raised in Oakland, Alicia is an entrepreneur in the wine industry with a passion for moving the wine and food industry forward with new diversity and inclusion strategies.

About Mari Kemp
A San Francisco native, Mari is a serial investor and entrepreneur and tech executive with a passion for investing in start-ups and growth companies with female co-founders.







V. Sheree Creative Enterprises, LLC
[email protected]


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