Friday, July 23, 2021

Boosie Badazz Says Nicki Minaj ‘Sh*tted’ on Black Community by Collaborating with 6ix9ine [VIDEO]

*Boosie Badazz is questioning the character of Nicki Minaj for collaborating with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine on the song “Trollz.”

Word on the curb is that these streets want Tekashi dealt with after he snitched to the feds about the inner workings of the gang he used to roll with. The hip-hop star has also been caught up in rumors of sexual abuse on minors, something Nicki’s brother can relate to.

Earlier this year, Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, was sentenced to 25 years-to-life in a New York court, following his 2017 conviction for raping an 11-year-old child while her mother was at work.

Nicki’s husband has also served time for alleged rape of a minor.

Maybe she has a thing for abusers?

Boosie says Nicki ‘sh*tted’ on the Black community by working with 6ix9ine.

“It shows a lack of character,” said Boosie when asked about Minaj working with 6ix9ine during an interview with VladTV (see clip above), per Complex.

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“It shows that you would change for money and success. That’s how I look at it. She doesn’t have to do that. She’s rich as fuck. I feel like she sh*tted on the ghetto community, all African-American people, she knows what I’m talking about, she said ‘fuck em,’” he added. 

During the interview, Boosie noted that he met Minaj while she was still dating Meek Mill, and based on her music alone, he thought she was a “ghetto, gutter bitch.”

His opinion changed, however, once she linked up with Tekashi.

“This girl might not have a heart. She might not have a heart for what this guy did to people,” he said. “She might not be what I’m thinking because, if he did this to me and got me a million years, would she still do a track with him? … That had to be a career move. She might not be that street bitch I’m talking about.”

Boosie previously called out 6ix9ine for being a snitch, implying that the Brooklyn rapper would be murdered “less than a month” after his release from prison.

Since his release to house arrest, the rapper has dropped new music, flaunted wads of cash on social media and continues to brag about his ongoing success. In other words, 6ix9ine is not fazed by haters or any potential threats on his life.

Scroll up and watch Boosie’s full interview via the player above. 

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