Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Civil Rights Leaders (Ali, Hutchinson & Others) in Letter to Joe Biden Back Karen Bass for VP

Karen Bass & Najee Ali
Congressmember Karen Bass and LA activist Najee Ali, who along with other civil rights leaders, have endorsed Bass as Joe Biden’s VP pick.

*A coalition of African American Los Angeles civil rights activists and civic leaders has sent a letter to Vice-President Joe Biden backing U.S. Congressmember Karen Bass, Chairperson of the Congressional Black Caucus as his nominee for Vice-President of the United States. Meanwhile they say they are appalled by the ongoing attacks on Bass for her humanitarian and medical related visits to Cuba many years ago. They are particularly incensed that this is an issue.

Former President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden endorsed and pushed vigorously for diplomatic, trade, and travel relations with Cuba. They held fruitful and productive talks with the Castros to ensure that happened. The U.S., despite the Trump administration threats, continues to have positive trade and diplomatic relations with Cuba as has Canada, and all Western European nations for decades.

“Our coalition of leaders have the upmost respect for all the women in contention. They all have tremendous credentials. But Congressmember Karen Bass, whose experience as a long-time community organizer in the tradition of former President Obama is what our nation desperately needs.

“In the wake of the George Floyd slaying an overwhelming majority of Americans now support police reform and racial justice. Bass has been a vigorous fighter for racial and social justice for four decades. She more than any other elected official typifies the sentiment of most Americans for racial justice.

“Bass and her work as a then organizer and founder of the Community Coalition in helping rebuild South Central L.A. after the civil unrest in 1992 and in the decades after is legendary. Bass represents the best in activism and long-time human rights advocacy. Her activism, vast legislative experience, and appeal as a Black woman, progressive, and activist make her unbeatable as Biden’s VP pick.” – Najee Ali

Najee Ali President of Project Islamic Hope
Earl Ofari Hutchinson President Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable
Robert Sausedo Civil rights activist
Dwayne Wyatt L.A. Black Employees for Fairness
Debbie Washington National council of Negro women Los Angeles
Sikivu Hutchinson, Women’s Leadership project
Adrian Dove, King Day Parade
Lita Herron, President Youth Advocacy Coalition
Robert Taylor and Oliver Bouie, Black Ministerial Alliance
Donna Dymally, Mark Fitzgerald justice Committee
Pedro Baez, Founder Voice of the People



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