Saturday, October 1, 2022

Is Joe Biden looking at Rep. Karen Bass’ ADOS Lineage from U.S. Slavery or Has He Already Picked Kamala Harris for VP? (Video)

Karen Bass (Joe Biden-inset) Kamala Harris
Karen Bass (Joe Biden-inset) Kamala Harris

*Karen Bass in recent weeks has emerged as a dark horse candidate for Vice President of Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The head of the Black Caucus also has released telling statements around her lineage tying her to America. On Wednesday Bass stated “My ancestors built the Capitol, but yet there are monuments to the very people that enslaved my ancestors…” Is this a signal of the input the #ADOS the movement has had on the 2020 election?

Co-founder of #ADOS American Descendants of Slavery attorney Antonio Moore believes so and released a set of tweets laying out the case that without funding, and despite opposition ADOS voters have swayed the 2020 election and possibly the identity politics of Black folks in the United States with it. Moore particularly points to a meeting ADOS in Los Angeles along with himself had with Bass that went past its 1 hr mark, and lasted 2 hours.

On Friday Moore also released a scathing critique of Kamala Harris record with Black voters and laid out questions on her selection as Vice President.

Do you think Kamala Harris would have met with Black #ADOS voters as Bass did? Give us your thoughts.




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