Saturday, September 25, 2021

Brave Dude! YouTuber Travels to America’s ‘Most Racist Town’ and Holds Up BLM Sign: Watch Reactions [VIDEO]

*A Michigan man went to the “most racist town in America” to hold up a Black Lives Matter sign and film the reactions from locals. 

YouTuber Rob Bliss shared video of his interactions on social media, showing people threatening him and hurling racist language. 

Bliss captured several individuals driving past him or walking by as he stood in front of the local Walmart holding the sign.

“Have a little pride in your race brother! White pride worldwide!”; “Explain to me why a coon’s life matters?”; “F–k Black lives, and I have Black friends” are some of the comments hurled at him, Toofab reports. 

One man even drives past two times, and then threatens to return a third: “‘Bout ten minutes I’m going to be back, you better be f–king gone,” he warns out his window.

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Rob Bliss

Walmart customers describe BLM as “the biggest hoax there ever was” and the “next thing to ISIS” before a manager comes out and asks him to leave.

Bliss noted that the retail giant recently issued a statement on “advancing our work on racial inequity.”

At one point, young white girl walks up to Bliss and hands him a note that read: “Ignore the haters, you’re being peaceful, what you’re doing is good, just a friendly reminder – don’t give up hope.”

The girl’s face is the only one blurred in the video.

After posting the clip online, Bliss has received several threats of lawsuits from some of the people he filmed. 

He has launched a GoFundMe to retain a defense lawyer to protect himself and the video from legal action, the report states. 

Bliss said he regarded the city as “the most racist” due to its history as the KKK headquarters, along with a “White pride” billboard for a radio station. 

“If the people of Harrison feel this video does not represent them and their beliefs, then they should take down that billboard,” he said.

Scroll up and watch his video above 

Ny MaGee
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