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People’s Party Podcast: Tiffany Haddish Talks New Movie ‘Bad Trip,’ Beyonce & More



Talib Kweli - Tiffany Haddish

*Following an appearance by rumored boo Common on last week’s episode, everyone’s favorite comedian Tiffany Haddish joins Talib Kweli for the latest episode of People’s Party podcast.

Throughout the episode she talks about getting her start and the various roles she’s had throughout her career.

  • 2:25 — Tiffany also speaks on her view of Hollywood while she was growing up in South Central LA during it’s height of crime and gang activity during the 80’s and 90’s. She also speaks on coming to a realization of how much police contributed to the cycle of violence in her neighborhood after dating a cop.
  • 13:41 — Tiffany speaks on using comedy as a coping mechanism and tells the story of getting into trouble in school for being disruptive, forcing her into a summer comedy camp. Tiffany also digs into promoting more black ownership, and speaks on how gangs should consider getting legal and incorporating.
  • 24:32 — Tiffany talks about her involvement in the documentary “Lost In America” addressing the epidemic of youth homelessness, and is asked why she felt like it was important as a celebrity to lend her voice to supporting this cause.
  • 30:55 — Tiffany asks what ever happened to the rapper Canibus, which they explore, and Talib also points to some of authenticity issues he had with the movie ‘Poetic Justice’, “shout out to the great John Singleton but…”.
  • 36:04 – Tiffany shares her side of the story on how she ended up casted in Eric Andre’s prank movie ‘Bad Trip’.
  • 49:07 — Jasmin then asks Tiffany how often she gets asked “who bit Beyonce at the party?”, and if she’s still friends with Beyonce.
  • 55:30 — Talib asks Tiffany about her Ethiopian Jewish heritage, Tiffany talks about getting a shout-out from comedian Sinbad that almost made her cry, expands on why she has no issues with sharing the mistakes she’s made, she lists all the people that gave her support and valuable advice while she was coming up in the industry, and how tough Leslie Jones was on her when they first started working together, having to earn her respect.
  • 1:03:16 — Tiffany talks about her role as Lelia, the daughter of famous entrepreneur, Madam C.J. Walker in the series “Self Made”. She speaks on how she had wanted to bring this story to the screen for years and how happy she was when she found out Octavia Spencer had the starring role. Jasmin also asks Tiffany about how she’s been keeping it together during the quarantine, and she also speaks on the legacy of Florence Griffith Joyner and how much she idolized her growing up.








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Big Sean & Jemelle Hill Hook Up to Discuss His ‘Detroit 2’ Album, Mental Health Struggles & More / Podcast



Big Sean - Jemelle Hill

Jemelle Hill is Unbothered

*Amidst America’s reckoning with racial injustices and an ongoing turbulent political climate, Spotify’s Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast provides listeners with Jemele’s bold, unfiltered take on current events each week in real-time on some of the hottest topics of the day.

In the latest episode, music artist Big Sean joins fellow Detroit-native, Jemele Hill, to discuss the making of his #1 album Detroit 2, while coping with mental health challenges, and anxiety/depression. Moreover, Big Sean discusses why artists need to squash their beef and unite against racism, and stories behind his collaborations with Eminem, Nipsey Hussle, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and Dave Chapelle. Plus, Big Sean talks about his #1 mission to inspire others, while Jemele Hill addresses the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) and how it has been politicized.


PODCAST: Mo’Kelly’s ‘2-Minute Warning’ Commentaries Syndicated Nationwide Via iHeartMedia’s Black Information Network

Big Sean (Getty)

Big Sean (Getty)

Making of Detroit 2 + Coping with Mental Health

Jemele: So why did you decide to do a follow up and do Detroit 2?

Big Sean (8:45): Well, I know that I was actually taking a risk doing that too, because I know a lot of people may not be able to all the way, see where I was coming from. Especially with some of the music choices, some of the flips and some of the stories, like some people just can’t relate to it. But I was hoping that I could bring them into my world, you know what I’m saying? And they would be able to relate it back to their own. So, I just, I felt like I was at a point where I always knew I wanted to do a sequel to Detroit. Cause to me that was like one of my favorite projects. And it was my biggest mixtape. And, you know, I was going through a lot. I was dealing with a lot personally. So it was like I was going through crazy depression, crazy like anxiety, you know, I felt like broken inside.

Jemele (11:02): And you were very open and candid on this album about, um, some of the mental health challenges that you face as well as you, you tweeted extensively about it. Um, about some, uh, the depression that you went through. Like one of my favorite lyrics is when you say in high school, I learned chemistry and biology but now how to cope with anxiety. Right. Which is, which is real. So what, uh, you mentioned therapy, what all has helped you get through, um, some of these struggles, not to suggest that they’re necessarily over with, but just at least learn how to call.

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Big Sean-Detroit-2-artwork

Detroit 2

Big Sean: So like, obviously I still experience these things a lot, you know, but I just know like, like you said, I know how to deal with them better. You know, when they come up, come around and I realize that I’m in control really in my emotions until I give something else to control them, you know, can’t nobody else control how you feel except you. And one of the things besides meditation and besides taking time for myself and communicating is I just like to take time for myself. And sometimes I go on a walk sometimes and it doesn’t take long, you know, I just make sure I have fun. I feel like fun, having fun with whatever you’re doing is the biggest and most important ingredient for success. It’s like, you gotta have fun while you’re doing it, you know, because I realize that you get, you get what you give, you know? So if you give out love and fun and have a great time and blend this, that’s all I was going to come back to you, you know, when you take things way too serious, you’re stressed out, you, you know, you operate on a lower, lower frequency. So my advice is to just have fun and, you know, enjoy it because that’s when just, you know, the blessings are gonna come back to you, I feel like. 

Jemele (14:30): Did you ever think about maybe giving up rapping?

Big Sean: Absolutely. I for sure was thinking about it, you know, because I was so frustrated sometimes trying to make some of these music in the beginning of me making an album. And it was like such a hard process and every day does seem hard and I was like, maybe I’m not supposed to be doing this. But then I just realized that I just wasn’t doing it out of passion. I was doing it because people were telling me I needed to do it. People, you know, ‘you got to stay hot, what’s taking so long.’ I was doing it for all the right reasons. I wasn’t doing it to have fun and to inspire and to like, you know, give something to lift. Some people I’ll give people motivation. I feel like we need that right now. No more than ever. 

Big Sean & Kanye West

Big Sean & Kanye West

On Kanye West

Jemele (40:19):  Now another, maybe not necessarily for you, but like sort of a bit of an awkward situation considering how the culture now looks at him, you know, obviously Kanye he worked with you with this, on this particular album. The culture is looking at Kanye side-eye and a little bit like, bro, what are you on right now? So for you, how are you able to, do you separate the two? Is that something you even broach into? Like how do you maintain that obviously very fruitful working relationship, knowing that there are a lot of your fans look at him like we all know what’s up with this guy.

Big Sean: I mean, for me, he gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. You know, he changed my life and you know, really, really gave me a chance to prove myself. So for that alone, like I’m gonna always have respect and love for him. You know what I’m saying? So that’s just where I’m at with it. It’s just like, you know, he’s a special guy. He’s an  individual that is like, you know, talented beyond belief. So, you know, that’s kind of the, that’s what I focus on, you know what I mean?

Here is the episode. Enjoy.

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Mo’Kelly’s ‘2-Minute Warning’ Commentaries Syndicated Nationwide Via iHeartMedia’s Black Information Network




Morris O'Kelly (at mic - on air)

*Mo’Kelly’s 2-Minute Warning commentaries on the news of the day are now syndicated nationwide and will be heard 5 days a week across the country as part of iHeartMedia’s new Black Information Network all-news format of stations.

This is in addition to his award-winning weekend program, The Mo’Kelly Show on KFI AM640 Los Angeles, political commentary for BBC Radio and co-host for the weekday iHeartMedia podcast, Nerd-O-Rama with Tawala Sharp.

Each day at :11 past the hour and :42 the following hour, Mo’Kelly offers 2 minutes on a top trending topic from politics, to culture and even entertainment.

More at

About Mo’Kelly: More at

As stations are being added to the lineup, this list will grow and be updated as needed.

CallsignFrequencyBandCityStateNetwork status
WHTY1460AMPhenix CityAlabamaAffiliate
KRRL-HD2*92.3-2FMLos AngelesCaliforniaAffiliate
KSSX-HD2*95.7-2FMSan DiegoCaliforniaAffiliate
W279AQ103.7FMMascoutahIllinoisn/a (KATZ-HD2 relay)
WODT1280AMNew OrleansLouisianaAffiliate
WNOE-HD2*101.1-2FMNew OrleansLouisianaAffiliate
W227BF93.3FMMinneapolisMinnesotan/a (KQQL-HD2 relay)
KATZ-HD2*100.3-2FMSt. LouisMissouriAffiliate
WWPR-HD3*105.1-3FMNew York CityNew YorkAffiliate
WRFX-HD2*99.7-2FMCharlotteNorth CarolinaAffiliate
W254AZ98.7FMCharlotteNorth Carolinan/a (WRFX-HD2 relay)
W256BT99.1FMClevelandOhion/a (WMMS-HD2 relay)
WGVL1440AMGreenvilleSouth CarolinaAffiliate
W248BQ97.5FMNashvilleTennesseen/a (WNRQ-HD2 relay)
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Podcast Preview: Baratunde Thurston’s ‘How To Citizen’ Episode 6 (Available 09-24-20)



Baratunde Thurston1


Baratunde explores work—the value of our work, what it means, who it benefits, and how to shift the balance of power back to workers themselves.

Saru Jayaraman on the legacy of slavery for today’s workers:

“Maybe this absurd legacy of slavery would have gone away if it hadn’t been for exactly what you said. The concentration of power among these chains who formed this formidable lobby—this trade lobby—and have been named the 10th most powerful lobbying group in Congress.”

… and finally why that translates to low voter turnout and dissatisfaction with both political parties:

“For those of you that have ever scratched your heads about why we don’t vote as a country, why is it that Americans have such a low voter turnout rate? I will tell you why. It’s because the largest and fastest growing industries in America are people who work two and three jobs and largely cannot afford to think, let alone engage in political activity. And frankly, also feel disillusioned and disengaged because they’re earning $2 an hour. And they’ve seen both Democrats and Republicans sell them down the river for the National Restaurant Association and leave them at $2 an hour, even as other workers go up to 15. They’ve been left behind at two and three and five. I know if it were me, I wouldn’t vote because I would say, ‘What’s the point? Both parties have left me at two and $3.’”

Michelle Miller examines where government has abandoned workers:

“The duty to care has been essentially abandoned in the public sector and has been kind of left to corporations. If you don’t have a job, there’s no way for you to access the things that you need.”

… and reminds us of our rightful place in the system:

“We aren’t objects of the economy, we’re agents of the economy.”

Baratunde Thurston launched his new podcast HOW TO CITIZEN WITH BARATUNDE in partnership with iHeartRadio. Listen on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Baratunde Thurston

Baratunde Thurston

Listen to previous episodes here:

Revolutionary Love is How to Citizen (with Valarie Kaur)

Democracy Means People Power, Literally (with Eric Liu)

Keeping Us Safe, Beyond Policing (with Dr. Phil Goff & Zach Norris)

Feeding Ourselves Our Way (with Chef José Andrés)

Fight COVID with Everyone And Everything You Know (With Danielle Allen and Dr. Amy Aminlari)

Episodes are distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network every Thursday


HOW TO CITIZEN WITH BARATUNDE reimagines the word “citizen” as a verb and reminds us how to wield our collective power. So many of us want to do more in response to the problems we hear about constantly, but where and how to participate can leave us feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Voting, while critically important, simply isn’t enough. It takes more to make this experiment in self-governance work. Listen in to learn new perspectives and practices from people working to improve society for the many. Join writer, activist, and comedian Baratunde Thurston on a journey beyond politics as usual that will leave us all more hopeful, connected and moved to act.







Allison Alonso
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