Sunday, October 24, 2021

Kim Kardashian Seen Crying During Intense Talk with Kanye West in Wyoming / PHOTOS

*We can only wonder just what was said when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were seen in a car in Wyoming after she jetted from LA to visit him.

Keep in mind that earlier West was seen heading into an emergency room at a local hospital amid another bipolar episode.

According to reports, on Monday (07-27-20), the couple was seen headed to a Wendy’s drive-thru. At that point, they appeared to be in good spirits despite rumors that their marriage is crumbling. Hours later, new photos circulated showing what appeared to be an emotional conversation between the two with Kim K breaking down and crying inside the car. While tears streamed down her face, Kanye West appeared to be very verbal and animated.

According to multiple reports, Kanye West went to the emergency room after suffering major “anxiety” issues but due to overcrowding, he left within minutes. Later that same day, a fire truck and ambulance were spotted at the rapper’s isolated ranch.

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Kanye - Kim (Instagram)
Kanye West – Kim Kardashian (Instagram)

As far as Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian goes, there are mixed reports circulating, especially after the rapper announced publically that he had been trying to divorce Kim ever since she sat down with Meek Mill — but Meek is the least of their worries.

Kanye West slammed Kim and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, on Twitter claiming they were trying to “lock him up.” He also accused his wife of trying to send a doctor out to Wyoming. During his presidential rally, he dropped a bombshell and announced he “almost killed” their firstborn daughter.

Elaborating on what he meant, Kanye West informed the crowd that he and Kim Kardashian almost got an abortion before changing their mind. Fans are praying for Kanye West but are also giving Kim Kardashian the green light to pull the plug on their marriage.



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