Monday, August 8, 2022

Terrell Owens Makes Case for NFL Return after Racing KC’s Tyreek Hill in Viral Video (Watch)

Chad Johnson, Tyreek Hill and Terrell Owens (YouTube)

*Terrell Owens is trying to prove that at age 46, he still has some speed left in the tank, and maybe a long shot at an NFL return.

The former NFL receiver has been trying to get back into the league ever since his last pro outing in 2012, but no team has expressed interest in signing the controversial athlete. The Hall of Famer will be 47 in December, so he may never return. But he certainly made a good case for himself Tuesday on a field in Miami.

A viral video of him racing wide receiver Tyreek Hill of the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs proves that while pushing 50, T.O.’s still in pro-football form. Hill is recognized as one of the fastest players in the league and had also considered trying out for the Olympic track team.

So who won? Watch below beginning at the 16:40 mark. or scroll past the video to read about the winner.

In the video published to Hill’s YouTube page Tuesday, Hill beats Owens in both a 100-yard-dash and 40-yard dash. But Owens clocks in at about 4:42 in the 40, which is astounding for a 47-year-old who last suited up for a pro team eight years ago. As Hill noted on Twitter days earlier, most current receivers wouldn’t even stack up.

Fun Fact: Hill reportedly ran a 4.24 at his Pro Day in 2016. Owens posted a 4.63 at the 1996 NFL Scouting Combine, and Johnson ran a 4.57 at the 2001 combine.

Of course, Ochocinco couldn’t just be there without joining in the friendly competition as well.



  1. Okay! So you can run fast(er). But the NFL is not just about running fast. Its about catching that ball, running fast, taking those hits and having quick injury recovery. This is a young man’s game. You can get broke up real fast.

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