Thursday, August 18, 2022

RZA Decides to Release New Film ‘Cut Throat City’ in Theaters – EUR Exclusive/Video

*Wu Tang’s Rza is back in the director’s chair with his new film “Cut Throat City.”

The film, written by Paul Cuschieri, takes place in New Orleans during the aftermath of one of the most devastating Hurricanes in New Orleans Hurricane Katrina.

The lower 9th ward in New Orleans was the hardest hit and the last area to receive assistance from Fema. Cuschieri decided to write the script for this film after seeing an article about a group of young men from the lower 9th ward that resulted to robbing local casinos in order to survive.

 “When I read the script, not being from New Orleans not experiencing Hurricane Katrina, but experiencing the idea of seeing the four young men with great aspirations. And at the end of the day those aspirations turn to desperations,” says RZA.

Once RZA read the script he decided he wanted to be a part of telling this story because he could see himself in those young men and was able to relate to their struggle of being placed in a situation that you have to help yourself out of.  

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Cut Throat City stars Shameik Moore as he and his friends try to find a way to recover from the aftermath of Katrina.

With a lack of support from FEMA, the group decides to reach out to a local gangster, played by T.I., to make extra money, and begin robbing casinos.

Things don’t go as planned and the guys find themselves on the run from the police and T.I.’s character.  

 Most films at this time ( during COVID) have decided to push back their release dates or have gone the digital route but  RZA chooses to still release the film in theaters.

“I could have vetoed the movie coming out in theaters but I was like nah, I made it for the theaters let’s put it in the theaters,” says RZA in hopes of maybe helping local theaters and helping to keep the entertainment industry going.

“Cut Throat City” will be in theaters July 31, make sure to check it out, but safely of course … IF theaters are open in your area.





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