Wednesday, July 6, 2022

EUR Auto Review: 2020 Hyundai Ioniq PHEV Limited

Hundai - Ioniq-scaled-e1595204832215
Hundai – Ioniq

2020 Hyundai Ioniq PHEV Limited

A Surprisingly Satisfying Drive

MSRP: $34,340

I went out on the open road, but this time, I put some miles on it. I drove up to Shasta, Calif. to check out the scenery, beauty and put this Hyundai hybrid to the test on fuel efficiency and to check out its fun features.

Hybrids are beginning to gain a better reputation with better styling and new advantages. The Hyundai Ioniq actually surprised me and made for a satisfying road trip despite its unimpressive style. Plus the sound system was amazing!

Technological Features – The technology in this car really blew my mind. First, speaking on the size and position of the screen, the designers seemed to consider the visually impaired. Or maybe they just thought it’d be cool to have a large screen. It’s not a Tesla, but the Ioniq’s infotainment screen is large, offers great features and is a touchscreen, my favorite. Second, one of my favorite features in the vehicle is the Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control. I accidentally discovered this (always read your owner’s manual). This feature was super fun and seems to be making its way into more vehicles. Drivers can set their cruise control as normal, but with added safety. NBSCC will keep you in your lane, turn the wheel at curves and slow down when traffic changes. It almost drives itself. Added bonus, to ensure drivers don’t neglect the wheel, the Ioniq reminds you to keep your hands on the wheel. The technology does not replace human driving. The third fun feature that really tickled me is the Voice Memo Feature. Many of us like to talk to ourselves, work out issues or get some work done while we’re in the car, especially on long drives or in traffic. The Ioniq offers drivers a place to record all your thoughts. You can upload the voice memos to a USB device after you’re done.

Sport Mode & Charging – The Ioniq is a hybrid that offers drivers the opportunity to plug in and charge up. But plugging in isn’t necessary. While driving, the car can recharge itself to full capacity and I found it especially quick while driving in Sport Mode. Speaking of which, like a lot of hybrids, you don’t want to race off the starting line in Eco mode. You won’t win. But, in Sport Mode, the car transforms into a high performing hybrid, making it easier to get up those hills, pass slower vehicles and charge your car on the road. I averaged 500+ miles to the tank.

Space – Don’t count on bringing a bunch of friends along for a ride. I attempted to get three other adults in the car comfortably, but the struggle was real. The back seat isn’t super spacious and doesn’t make for a good road trip option for backseat riding adults. But the cargo space was immaculate. If there would be a redesign, the cargo space could stand to be reduced.

Overall, it’s a fun drive and a great economic buy-in 2020.




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