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Najah Roberts’ Crypto Blockchain Plug Announces the Restart of 2020!

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*(Los Angeles, Calif. ) – In an effort to Re-Do 2020 Crypto Blockchain Plug (“CBP”),  an education-focused Cryptocurrency lounge in Inglewood, California today announces the completion of their comprehensive “Re-Up 2020” campaign designed to Re-Juvenate the community by giving them the next steps to Re-Cover economically from Covid, Re-Think money, Re-Educate in the Technology Ecosystem, and Re-Define self.

Signaling its brand evolution, within just one year CBP has tripled in size, unveiled a new logo and website (, and created an enhanced lounge experience with crypto enthusiasts in mind at 614 E. Manchester Avenue in Inglewood, California.

Signaling its re-opening after the Safer At Home Order, also within just one year CBP has re-grouped, re-staffed, re-branded unveiling a new logo and website (, and re-committed to ensuring that the community stays ahead of the curve.

The CBP logo brings a sharp new visual identity, characterizing the brand as bold, innovative, and unique. CBP’s emphasis on providing a full suite of products and services to local businesses and the community is reflected in the company’s tagline, “Wisdom is knowing what to do. Knowledge is knowing how to do it. Success is DOING IT.”

“We’ve gone from pandemic to protest and one thing is clear; NOW is the time to RE-UP everything! We are in the 2nd half of 2020.  Let’s rethink, rejuvenate, restructure, revive and restore our lives. We have exactly 6 months left in 2020. Let’s hit the restart button and rebuild. Our very lives depend on it,” says Najah Roberts Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto Blockchain Plug.

crypto - CEO Najah Roberts - Bitcoin Room
Najah Roberts Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto Blockchain Plug

CBP has rolled out several exceptional new products and services including educational classes on the evolution of money, free workshops, Bitcoin BuysRUS (an online and in-person store where all items are Crypto-related (; OTC (an over-the-counter Trading Desk with a BTM – Bitcoin Transaction Machine) on-site offering both Crypto Trading and Arbitrage services; Blockchain consulting; a Crypto Air BNB Experience; Crypto Co-Working (Co-working space that provides work-life balance); Building #Siliconhoods (bringing information to inner cities and empowering individuals to take a seat at global technology tables); Crypto 2 Cannabis (financial service consulting to licensed cannabis companies in the United States); and coming soon “The Parking Plug” (free Wifi, private lockers, drinks, cigars from Drobe Stogies and then transported to and from the Forum, RAMS Stadium and The Clippers Arena).

CBP continues to offer Blockchain consulting; Crypto Coaching; and Crypto Kids Camp at Pepperdine University – “Bye Bye STEM…Hello B.E.A.S.T. M.O.D.E.”.  “We go BEAST MODE on breaks” (Summer, Winter and Spring Breaks) Children ages 5-17 in the course of 1 week (40 hours) will learn the basic fundamentals of  Blockchain,  Evolution of Money (Crypto),  Artificial Intelligence,  Security (Cyber),  Technology,   Machine Learning,  Online Gaming, DApps (Decentralized Apps) and Engineering.

CBP is the first African American, woman-owned Cryptocurrency over-the-counter brick-and-mortar lounge in the country, and 1 of only 3 brick-and-mortar Cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States.  CBP has positioned itself to effect change and foster mass adoption in every area of the Crypto Space.  They have a 3,000 square ft Crypto/Blockchain shared Work Space where they teach courses such as Crypto 101-303, host events such as: Wine, Women & Crypto, Crypto Trivia Night Game Show, Moms of Blockchain, Coin-O-Nomics, Bitcoin Business Basics, On the Block, Trading for Dummies, Freedom Fridays, and a physical store called Bitcoin BuysRUS.

CEO Najah Roberts (aka the Queen of Crypto) is passionate about mass adoption and understands that it can only be done through education.  She has positioned herself as an ambassador of the community, providing her guidance and expertise in-person or virtually.

For additional information, visit  For interviews with Najah Roberts, contact Queen Publicity at (310) 849-3820 or email [email protected].






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