Wednesday, January 20, 2021

‘Family or Fiance:’ A Happily Ever After?


*The return of “Family or Fiance” has left us all wondering where our own relationships stand! We met Chase and Eric in Season One, who had been together for seven years and had a lovely “meet-cute.” Chase forgot her mobile phone while hanging with friends and Eric returned it to her the next day.

Fast forward, seven years, and they have been inseparable ever since. The twist…the night before Eric proposed to Chase, yet ultimately, got engaged; he cheated on her. Thus, bringing them to the house, where we met Tracy McMillan, relationship expert and relationship moderator.

If you haven’t seen Family or Fiance, you’re missing out! The premise of the show is whether or not you should marry the love of your life or should you heed the warnings of your disapproving family?

“Family or Fiancé” follows the dynamics between eight engaged couples who bring their disapproving families together under one roof. The families only spend three days with each other, and the clock is ticking as the couples decide if they’re going to tie the knot. Serving as the voice of reason in this chaotic time is relationship expert Tracy McMillan as she works to help the families confront their concerns. McMillan works with these newly engaged couples to strengthen their bond, air their differences, and reveal their true selves to their families. At the end of the third day, families are given their chance to speak. When that ends, the couples then have to make the ultimate choice — “I do” or “I don’t.”

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Family or Finance - relationship expert - Traci McMillan
Tracy McMillan

Enter Eric’s family; Daphne, his mom, Steven, his cousin and Joe his best friend. Entering the house on Chase’s side is her mom, Adrian, Paula, her best friend and her cousin, Amber.  Each family member has their own opinion of this relationship, with the “moms” having the strongest…and not in a good way! Amber is worried about the ‘trust factor’ and Eric’s spending habits.  Adrian thinks that they both spend unwisely and that this marriage should not happen.  She thinks her daughter is ‘settling and putting up with too much’.  Steven is worried about Chase’s anger and Joe thinks that Chase exhibits ‘toxic behavior’.

We learn that not only are Chase and Eric dealing with infidelity, but they are also struggling financially and have different views when it comes to spending and saving.  Chase would like to get caught up on their bills and save for their wedding, while Eric likes to go out partying and drinking. They both are also forced to address the fact that Eric, continued cheating for six months, post engagement until he ultimately got caught…which is the only reason he stopped! He said, “I was going to stop, after I got married.”  

We learn through assignments given out by Tracy McMillan, that there is a cause and effect in relationships, with one’s family dynamic. She teaches that issues can trace back to what has happened in your family, as you grew up.  With Tracy at the helm, the assignments that she gives the couples and families, we find out each episode, if the couples are going to make it or break it!  Three days.  Three nights.  Will they make it down the aisle? More importantly, though, are the couples willing to do the work?  Things got explosive in the house for Chase and Eric.  There was cussing, crying, drinking and smoking, but perhaps there was healing and love and an “I DO” at the end of their three-day journey? 

Each couple presents their own unique set of circumstances, all in love, but all with some issue(s) that have brought them to the house.  It promises to be explosive.  It promises to teach you tools for your own relationships.  It promises to be entertaining.  But, most importantly, it showcases Black Love!

You’ll want to tune into OWN, Saturdays at 9PM/8C to catch up on what happened with Chase and Eric and binge Season One, then continue the journey with the eight new couples that are trying to find their happily ever afters! You’ve got time…we’re still in a pandemic!



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