Sunday, January 24, 2021

Phaedra Parks Says ‘Horrific Divorce’ from Apollo Nida Left Her ‘Scared’ to Date

*Phaedra Parks opened up about her love life in Thursday’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition.” 

As reported by TooFab, in a confessional alongside her boyfriend Medina Islam, Phaedra admitted she “went through a horrific divorce” from Apollo Nida, and didn’t date for “four and a half years” after they called it quits. 

“So, I’m just afraid, I’m scared,” she continued. “I’ve been in the war with men.”

“…and I’m paying the price,” added Medina.

The couple, who have been together for nearly a year, have never had sex, according to Phaedra.

Islam claims their biggest issue is lack of affection from Parks. There’s also the challenge of dating long distance, reports. 

Phaedra lives in Atlanta while Medina is based in Los Angeles.   

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“It’s hard doing the long distance, especially bi-costal because L.A. is a super long flight, outside of just the time difference. But we’ve been making it work,” she says. “He’s an actor so he’s [in] New York quite a bit, and then he comes to Atlanta, and I get to L.A. to see him as well.”

On Thursday’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp,” Judge Lynn Toler tells the mother of two, “You’re a mortician, you’re a lawyer, that scares most people,” she said. “But bravery is doing what scares you and my question to you is: Is this or is this not a guy you’re willing to be frightened for?”

Speaking with TooFab about her hesitations when it comes to dating, Parks recalled another relationship that she rushed into.

“My previous relationship with [Tone Kapone], we dated and it was very passionate, very physical and I found that when I got into that sort of passionate place with a person, sometimes you don’t get to know them on a true intimate level,” she explained.

“Intimacy has so much more to do with knowing someone versus knowing them in a sexual manner,” she continued. “So, I wanted to give this relationship a really good chance of survival and I didn’t want to be blinded by passion.”

Ny MaGee
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