Saturday, February 27, 2021

WATCH: Houston PD Arrest of Black Man Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons

Houston PD arrest

*Video of a police arrest has gone viral for positive reasons…for a change.

The Houston Police Department’s arrest of a Black man is showing what can happen when cops work together with the community. The July 6 arrest outside a gas station on Fuqua Street in southeast Houston was captured by bystander Ulerick Fields as he was going in to buy gum. According to KHOU-11, he filmed panicked customers running out because of a disturbance in the store. One person is heard saying, “He’s got a knife! A butcher knife!”

Next, the video shows police arrive at the scene and go inside. Through the windows, the suspect can be seen struggling with police. The suspect is then tased. With the suspect on the ground, halfway out the door, police tried to handcuff him but were unsuccessful. One officer had his knee on the suspect’s back.

“Don’t get on his neck now,” Fields said to the officer, who then explained that his knee was on the suspect’s back. The officer then asked Fields and the other witnesses if they wanted to assist them in the arrest. Fields told the suspect to calm down and not resist, while others freed his hands so the officers could put on the handcuffs. The suspect was eventually taken to a hospital for what appeared to be a mental episode and charges were never filed, according to HPD.

Watch below:

For Fields, the cooperation with police in the arrest was personal. “I used to be a career criminal and I used to be on ‘that’ side,” he said, according to KHOU-11. Fields said that for 15 years he was involved with drugs, stealing and lying. But, since 2015, he’s carried a crumpled piece of paper in his wallet, an acquittal from a jury. A day that changed his life. “A jury of 12 people shook my hand and told me they see something in me.”

Now he tries to see the good in all on both sides of the law.



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