Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Essence Atkins And Stephen Bishop Star in the TV One Original Film ‘Coins For Love’ / Video

*Everyone loves a good romantic drama and TV One is premiering its newest film, “Coins For Love,” which is the sequel to “Coins For Christmas” that starred EssenceAtkins and Stephen Bishop.

In the first film, we were introduced to Madison and Alec two people living polar opposite lives. Madison, who is a single mother of two, is dealing with losing her job and fighting with her ex-husband when an opportunity to work for Alec, a former football player,  comes along. They began a working relationship that later becomes complicated. 

The sequel picks up with Madison landing her dream job and things seem to be turning around for her financially but her home life is still complicated. Her ex-husband comes back into the picture to fight for his family. Essence spoke about Madison’s choice to entertain her ex’s idea of rekindling the relationship.  

“What’s beautiful is the way God has designed life, is that there is still benefit from those moments. You can still benefit if you love through them. You can still see and extract the lessons and I think that is what madison has done,” says Atkins. 

“Coins For Love” has layers of love throughout the movie. There is a focus on each type of relationship from romantic love, platonic love, sibling love, and self-love. Even though the movie’s main focus is Madison and Alec, we see how relationships are tested across the board. Madison’s children display the yin and yang of a sibling relationship with fights and having each other’s back when needed.  

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The writer of this film also brought attention to a lot of the issues we are dealing with right now as a community and nation. There is an incident where Alec has to speak up about Black Lives Matter. They also tackled a subject that isn’t seen much in the film genre. Alec’s ex-fiance, who is a white woman, also wants to rekindle their relationship. Alec has to point out to her that she doesn’t understand his struggle in this world as a black man. Her response was very disconnected and shows how interracial couples need to have a tough conversation they may not want to have. When dating someone of another race it is important to know how they view your race. We asked Stephen his opinion about when a mixed couple should have that conversation.  

“ I think from the beginning or at least it should, I don’t think you should get into a situation where you’re two or three years in and you haven’t learned how your person feels about your experience,” was Bishop’s response. 

As much as love is the focal point of the movie so is communication. You will see that with all the relationships in “Coins For Love.”  

 Make sure to check it out on TV One July 19 at 9/8c.  



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