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Tiffany Haddish Trolls Kanye by Announcing 2020 Presidential Run with Dave Chappelle

(May 5, 2019 – Source: Getty Images North America)

*Shortly after Kanye West announced that he’ll be running for the President of the United States,  Tiffany Haddish decided to troll him by announcing that she, too, is entering the race for the White House.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” Yeezy tweeted on the 4th of July holiday. “I am running for president of the United States!”

Haddish then announced her bid by retweeting Ye’s statement word-for-word. 

In a follow-up tweet she wrote, “Well this just in Dave Chappelle will be my running mate.”

She added, “So #HaddishChappelle2020.”

We know she’s joking, but would you support a Haddish/Chappelle 2020 presidential ticker?

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West has been teasing his presidential goals for the past several years, and planned to run in 2024.

“One of my main things [I’ll address] once I’m president is the medical industry,” he said in a 2018 interview with Power 92.3’s DJ Pharris. “I’m going to make sure that the medical industry flourishes. There’s one thing I learned by hanging around with Jay-Z, and being married to my wife, is you can’t fuck up the paper.. That’s the problem with a lot of the radical leaders in the past.”

Yeezy told GQ earlier this year that he intends to vote for Trump in the upcoming election.

“We know who I’m voting on. And I’m not going to be told by the people around me and the people that have their agenda that my career is going to be over,” he said. “Because guess what: I’m still here! Jesus Is King was No. 1! I was told my career would end if I wasn’t with her (Hillary Clinton). What kind of campaign is that, anyway? That’s like if Obama’s campaign was ‘I’m with black.’ What’s the point of being a celebrity if you can’t have an opinion? Everybody make their own opinion! You know?”

Meanwhile, critics have noted of Ye’s presidential run, “Kanye West is obviously Trump’s desperation plan to take votes from Biden. This is like Biden convincing David Duke to run for President. Hopefully Americans don’t fall for this disgusting trick,” filmmaker Chip Franklin tweeted.

Bishop Talbert Swan added, “Don’t get it twisted, Kanye, ‘I’ve never voted in my life’ West is nothing but a sycophantic Trump operative attempting to siphon off Black votes to ensure his ‘brother’ gets back in office,” the wrote on Twitter. “Don’t get hoodwinked, it’s a trick bag. Ye is a tool.”

Do you agree?

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