Sunday, January 24, 2021

Florida Mom Gives Birth in Parking Lot Caught on Doorbell Camera [VIDEO]

*A Ring camera at a birth center in Florida captured the moment a woman had her baby while walking through the parking lot.

Susan Anderson was feet away from the entrance of Natural Birth Works in Margate Thursday, when the baby emerged from her loose shorts, TooFab reports. 

Anderson is being accompanied by husband Joseph Anderson and a midwife, Sandra Lovaina, who never made it inside the center to begin the new mom’s water birthing process.

“This momma had a super fast labor,” Lovaina said. “In midwife terms, it was precipitous.”

“When dad called a few minutes before arrival and said she feels like pushing gloves were on and ready. Although I thought we’d have time to get inside, this little one had other plans.”

The footage shows Sandra and Joseph steadying Susan as two nearby cops look on.

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Camera Captures Moment Mom Gives Birth in Parking Lot

“She’s okay! She’s okay! I’m the midwife, she’s here to have a baby!” Lovaina tells the officers, and within moments Anderson gives birth to a baby girl that the midwife catches before she hits the ground. 

“Multitasking by catching a baby and letting them know we were all good was quite the experience!” Lovaina recalled.

“One of the most exciting births of 2020… One we won’t forget!”

Speaking to Local10 after her now-viral delivery, Susan said she knew during  the car ride over to the birthing center that she wasn’t going to make it. 

“I turned to my husband, and I was like, ‘I need to push!” she recalled, adding “I didn’t think I wouldn’t make it into the building.”

“By the time we got to the first step the head was coming.”

Lovaina added: “Mom & baby are doing amazing and we can all laugh at how awesome this birth was. Especially because the cops looked pretty shell shocked!”

Scroll up and watch the report via the video above. 

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