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The Pulse of Entertainment: Saxophonist Euge Groove Releases His 12th Album ‘Sing My Song’



Euge Groove

*“This is my 12th album,” said sax man Euge Groove about his new project affectionately called “Sing My Song,” featuring Maysa, Peter White, Phillipe Saisse and Paul Brown.

The first single off the album is titled “Dirty Dozen.” The title track “Sing My Song” is co-written by Jazz vocalist Lindsey Webster and has vocal assistance from Maysa. “It’s been a while… I’ve been busy touring.”

Euge said the “stay-at-home” order gave him time to finally record new music.

“It gave me time to do it,” he added about the “Sing My Song” project. “The last several months I’ve cranked it out.”

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The result is an 11 track recording. Euge already has 12 Billboard hits and he is the saxophonist at the top of everyone’s “to call” list, such as Huey Newton, Tower of Power, Tina Turner, Joe Crocker and Richard Marx.

“I did the music, she (Lindsey) did the lyrics,” he said about the “Sing My Song” track. “…and Maysa came to sing on it.”

On the meaning behind “Sing My Song” Euge said it means, “No matter what people say you got to sing.”

Euge Groove said the album is, “More organic. Fortunately, I work with all these people that in one capacity or another…became friends.”

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Euge Groove releases ‘Sing My Song’ project on Shanachie.

Born Steven Euge Grove, the sax player was a prodigy child growing up in Maryland, my home state. His house growing up included a mother who played the piano and served as their church’s choir director. By seven he was playing the piano and by nine he was playing the sax. He plays Jazz, R&B, Gospel and Blues. He is a graduate of the Miami School of Music. His career in music started after moving to Los Angeles. He was able to write a song on the album of Richard Elliott, who selected Euge to take his place on a Tower of Power tour. That gig lasted four years for the musician. He did a year touring with Huey Lewis & The News and other gigs included working with The Eurythmics, The Gap Band, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, and Aaron Neville. He went on to sign a recording contract with Warner Bros. and his hits started coming. He is now on the Shanachie Entertainment imprint now, one of today’s’ major labels for Jazz artists and musicians, with the release of the “Sing My Song” project.

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Don Benjamin

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Deion Sanders Departs NFL Network, Joins Barstool Sports





*One day after announcing he’s leaving the NFL Network after 14 years, Deion Sanders announced Wednesday that he’s moving on to Barstool Sports. 

“BREAKING NEWS: Primetime. Primetime. Primetime. It’s a new age. Primetime has joined Barstool Sports,” tweeted Barstool, along with a video of Sanders talking about his new gig, TheWrap reports. 

“Now, I have the platform that I can spread what I got to the masses. Oh baby, thank you !” Sanders exclaimed. “Barstool has the young generation of fans I want to help cultivate. I want to mold you. I want to talk to you. I want to speak to you. See, I love to speak my mind and now baby I got the platform to do it year-round. Controversy ain’t never scared me. See, podcasts are the future; I’m so excited about this opportunity, but I’m also excited to continue my relationship with the NFL … in some capacity.”

“What a move by us,” founder Dave Portnoy wrote in a post on the sports website, noting that Barstool Sports “stealing him away from the NFL network.”

“Let me ask you this,” he added. “What NFL pregame show are you gonna watch this year? Me, Big Cat and Primetime from his ranch in Dallas or the suits at the other networks.”

“Deion has been one of the key figures responsible for the growth of the NFL Network,” NFL VP of communications Alex Riethmiller said in a Tuesday statement. “We thank him for his work and wish him the best in the future.”

Sanders will have a podcast, make regular appearances on the Pardon My Take podcast, and also be part of a Sunday pregame show, per MSN.

The NFL Hall of Famer was recently criticized after he slammed NFL players who decided to opt-out of the coming season over concerns regarding COVID-19.

“All Players OPTING out in all sports PLEASE BELIEVE the game will go on without u. This is a business & don’t u EVER forget that. There’s NO ONE that’s bigger than the game itself. Only the ref, umps & officials are that important that u can’t play without them. NOT YOU! #Truth,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

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Leslie David Baker of ‘The Office’ Shares Racist Messages Over ‘Uncle Stan’ Kickstarter



Leslie David Baker
Leslie David Baker

via Instagram

*We previously reported that Leslie David Baker, who played Stanley on NBC’s “The Office,” launched a Kickstarter campaign for a spinoff centered on his character.

Baker and his business partner, producer Sardar Khan, have since passed their goal of $300,000 to shoot the pilot. They plan to shop it to networks and streaming platforms.

The actor is now sharing some of the racist messages he received in reaction to the campaign.

“For those of you who don’t believe racism is still alive in the world…here’s the proof,” he captioned a Instagram post of screenshots of some of the comments he received, including photos of a lynching. Check out the post below.

MOREREAD : ‘The Office’ Star Leslie David Baker Launches Kickstarter for ‘Uncle Stan’ Spinoff

On the official campaign page for the project, the proposed “Uncle Stan” spinoff will follow Stanley Hudson’s post-retirement. The fundraiser makes no mention of “The Office” or showrunner Greg Daniels or original series creator Ricky Gervais, most likely due to copyright issues, per Complex.

“After enjoying his retirement in Florida, carving wood, enjoying the white sand beaches, and dancing to old disco, Uncle Stan (Leslie David Baker) gets a call from his nephew Lucky in Los Angeles asking for help with his two kids and running his motorcycle/flower shop,” the Kickstarter reads. “With his business failing, his kids growing up without enough attention, and on the brink of losing his patience with the cast of characters he has working in the shop, Lucky is going to need all the help he can get from no-nonsense Uncle Stan.”

The campaign also notes the risks and challenges, stating: Any time a large scale production such as Uncle Stan takes place, there is a chance that challenges might arise. With our team of entertainment professionals that between them have decades of experience in the industry, we will help ensure that we stick to our scheduled production and reward fulfillment schedule.

Check out his Kickstarter here.

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