Saturday, July 31, 2021

Idris Elba to Launch Luxury Resort in Sierra Leone After the Coronavirus Issue is Over

Idris Elba

*Idris Elba is planning to open a luxury resort in Sierra Leone.

Speaking to The Mirror, a source claimed: “Idris saw real potential when he visited Sierra Leone. It made an impact on him and he wants to create something positive for the country and give back.”

The source added: “Tourism is developing out there and he wants to help it to grow and thrive and look forward.

“He thinks it could be the next Dubai and wants to turn it into a real ­holiday hotspot and put the country on the map as a must-see destination.”

Meanwhile, the actor slammed reports that he is ‘critical condition’ following his coronavirus diagnosis.

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Back in March when he tested positive for the coronavirus, a fan tweeted him, saying:

“Someone posted a YouTube video of you saying you are in a critical condition for the covid-19 virus.. please debunk this fake rumour (sic)”

Idris responded: “This is fake. I’m fine for now. Thanks for showing me.”

He also denied being in an intensive care unit when a follower said they had seen a report claiming that to be the case. 

Idris went on to note that he “still hasn’t shown symptoms” for coronavirus. 

When a fan asked: “How many days were you ‘poorly’ Idris?”

“The Wire” star responded: “I really didn’t have poorly days… I had a headache and body aches on the day I tested but that’s been it.’”

A day after confirming his positive test result, Elba shared a Twitter Live video to give fans an update on his health. 

“Yesterday was good and bad. Bad because I tested positive, but it was also good because it opened up a lot of conversation around it,” he said. “I think it made it a lot more real for some people. Definitely made it more real for me and my family.”

“There was so many positive responses to, you know, me talking about it. Some negative too. But there were some definite positive ones. I certainly felt…my wife and I felt like it was the right thing to do, to share it with you guys,” he added.

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