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Cardi B Reacts to Claims That She Disses Female Artists Under Fake Instagram Account [VIDEO]

(Feb. 12, 2019 – Source: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images North America)

*When Cardi B woke up to find the hashtag #CardiBIsOverParty trending on Twitter, the Grammy winner took to her social media to react to the allegations against her. 

Speaking on video inside a dark room, the rapper said: “I woke up and I’m seeing that they’re trying to make ‘Cardi B Is Cancelled Party.’ I’m like what the f–k. I’m not doing anything,” Cardi shared. “So now I see these people I guess are editing or they’re claiming I have a fake Instagram. I don’t know, these people must think that I’m a 15-year-old girl.”

Cardi B noted that people are claiming Lil Kim, her hairstylist, and her sister were among those to follow the fake IG page. Instagram page.

She went on to say that altered screenshots are being shared of her taking shots at Megan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande, and Doja Cat, among others.

“Ariana Grande? I don’t even have a problem with her,” Cardi declared. “Why would I ever talk about her? I like her music. I don’t know,” she added. 

Hear/watch Cardi B tell it via the Instagram video below. 

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“I don’t have issues with none of these girls,” she said. “I don’t even talk to people like that. … Stop trying to make these fake shits up, I don’t care if y’all trying to cancel me for something else but don’t make lies about me. It’s tiring, it’s annoying.”

Continuing, “If I had issues with anybody, my team wouldn’t even talk to nobody that I have issues with. I don’t even have issues with any of these girls… Don’t make lies about me. It’s tiring. It’s annoying.”

Cardi later took to Twitter to interact with fans about the hashtag trending. 

“I do feel really powerful. The fact that I haven’t dropped music in 8 months. I haven’t announced none of the projects I been workin on. All I been doing is eating food & people have to make fake edits to cancel me,” she wrote in a response to one fan. “It makes me feel like IM THAT BITCH!”

When a Twitter user accused Cardi of downplaying her friendship with Lil Kim, the “Money” artist replied, “I’m not trying to downplay her at all that’s why I say I respect her but I don’t know her personally and she will say the same about me.” 

Later in the day #CardiBIsComing and #WeLoveYouCardi began trending, which she acknowledged on Twitter. 

“I’m seeing so much love from, not only my fans, but just random people that are not fan account pages, are just having my back and realizing how f–ked people could do certain s–t. It’s crazy how that s–t backfired on the devil,” she shared in a tweet. “I’m so thankful, I’m so grateful for you guys. Thank you for making those other hashtags trend.”

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