Saturday, May 21, 2022

Tracy Murray and Sixx John: A Conversation with Black Fathers

Sixx John
Sixx John

*Former NBA player Tracy Murray and musician Sixx John joined together to share their experience as fathers and how they are navigating fatherhood during these hard times.  

These men decided to come together and have an open conversation about fatherhood to help change the negative reputation of black fathers.

Unlike the images portrayed in the media and entertainment, there are a lot of black fathers that are present in their children’s lives and play a very important role in their child’s life. 

Everybody thinks that papa was a rolling stone and that isn’t necessarily true for everybody. I know a lot of people that are great fathers,” says Murry.   

Sixx John added that not everyone comes from a single-parent home, again that is a narrative that is highly perpetrated in the black community. There are black men that come from two-parent homes and are following in the footsteps their parents made for them. Grant it there are some men that have to be fathers from afar and Murray pointed out that even though it may be harder being a father that isn’t in the same household as the child you still have to work on that relationship and make sure everyone is connected.  

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Tracy Murray
Tracy Murray

These men also shared how important it is to know your children and their personalitiesespecially if you have more than one because each child needs love and attention in different ways if you are a present father you will be able to pick up on these things and be there for your child in the way they need you yo be.  

Parenthood rather its fatherhood or other hood isn’t an easy job but it becomes a bit harder raising black children in a place where police and others have put a target on their backs. How does one prepare their child to deal with racism and/or comfort them and reassure them to not be afraid of the police? 

“I don’t know if there’s a good answer for that. You can comfort them today and then something else happens,” says John.  

The main message with these fathers seems to be that you need to be present in your child’s life, fatherhood starts there.  

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