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Woman Stabbed by Daughter of Floyd Mayweather Speaks Out About Her Recovery

Floyd Mayweather's 42nd Birthday Party
Yaya attends Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd Birthday Party at The Reserve on February 23, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images)

*The woman stabbed by Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna (Yaya) Mayweather, during a fight over her live-in-boyfriend, rapper NBA Youngboy, is speaking out about the injuries she suffered and her road to recovery. 

In an Instagram Live video, Lapattra Jacobs shared that she can’t lift her arm, is unable to lift her hand upward from her wrist and unable to make a fist.  She also suffered nerve damage from the incident, per

Jacobs recently posted an update about her recovery on Instagram, writing: 

“At this point I’m still hurting, I don’t think nobody can ever change it or make me feel happy again. Nobody knows what I went through these past four months & [continue] going through it, starting from the middle of March & so on. April 3, 2020, I could’ve been dead & gone but I know what I can say is I THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER CHANCE TOO [sic] BE HERE On THIS EARTH. I lost a lot but they steady criticizing me about what I been through & BECAUSE I WON’T SAY ANYTHING OR TELL MY BUSINESS. They tell you be yourself then make you feel bad about it…

My arm and hand still [f*cked] up. No telling when [it will] get back to normal. EVERY DOCTORS [sic] VISIT IT’s ALWAYS BAD NEWS…This is so stressful, depressing etc. ALL I SEE IS DARK DAYS DARK CLOUD NOW! NOT GOING TO SAY MUCH BUT IT’S BEEN ROUGH.”

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Iyanna Mayweather MUGSHOT
Iyanna (Yaya) Mayweather’s mugshot

Meanwhile, we previously reported that Iyanna, 19, has been charged with aggravated felony assault with a deadly weapon. She’s facing up to 99 years in prison, in addition to a $10,000 fine.

Iyanna was also ordered by a judge to stay away from the victim, after she allegedly stabbed Jacobs during an argument at the rapper’s home in Houston in April. The scene turned violent after she explained to Jacobs that she was Youngboy’s fiancé, and then charged at her with two knives, stabbing Lapattra twice.

Mayweather reportedly told authorities that Jacobs provoked her by yanking her hair before the attack.

She was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Jacobs was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital and had surgery on her arm.

Iyanna was released after posting a $30,000 bond.

The crime is considered a felony in the state of Texas.

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