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Jamie Foxx Reveals ‘Iron Mike’ Body Ahead of ‘Mike Tyson Role’ [VIDEO]

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*Back in 2014 it was announced that Jamie Foxx had been cast to play Mike Tyson. This week, the actor confirmed that the movie is now in the works.

“It’s a definitive yes,” said Foxx while on Mark Birnbaum’s Instagram Live series “Catching Up.”

“Look, doing biographies is a tough thing,” he said, per TMZ. “Sometimes it takes 20 years to get them done. But we officially got the real ball rolling.”

The Oscar-winner said he’s excited to show audiences the “different lives” of Tyson. 

“We want to show everybody evolves,” Foxx said. “I think when we lay the layer of Mike Tyson in this story, I think everybody from young and old will be able to understand this man’s journey.”

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Foxx also explained how he’s transforming his body to portray Tyson saying, “And then just the technology of how I’m gonna look, I guarantee you people will run up on me in the street, and ask for autographs, and think that I’m Mike.”

The 52-year-old comedian/singer/actor has been working on the project for years and says his daily workout consists of 60 pull-ups, 60 dips, 100 push-ups .

“It’s changing the body. Top half,” he said.  But when it comes to his lower body… “I ain’t got no legs, I ain’t got no calf muscles so we’re gonna have to get some prosthetics for that,” Foxx revealed.

Foxx will play young Mike at 216 pounds when shooting begins — and to play older Mike, he’ll “balloon to 225, 230 which will look like 250 on-screen.”

He previewed the opening scene of the film on HOT 97 back in 2015.


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