Monday, November 29, 2021

En Vogue Member Terry Ellis Released New Music (‘Angry Black Woman’) on Juneteenth / LISTEN

*Terry Ellis, most recognizable as one of the members of En Vogue, one of the top 5 highest selling American female music groups in history, recently released a new song called “Angry Black Woman” in response to police brutality and social injustice.

She called the song a passion project that she wrote along with its producer four years ago, but set it aside.

“The state of affairs 4 years ago is exactly what’s happening now,” said Ellis. “I wanted to express how I was feeling and how I know a lot of us were feeling black people were feeling.”

Ellis titled it “Angry Black Woman” and it was officially released on Juneteenth (06-19-20). She hopes the song will give a voice and explanation for black women.

“They’ve given us that title, but no one has given us the outlet to explain why,” said Ellis. “Our black men and women are being murdered. The racial disparities that we have politically, economically, and socially. We have so many reasons to be angry, but they want to act like it’s the natural characteristic of a black woman. Let’s discuss why. It goes deep.”

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Terry Ellis
Terry Ellis

Angry Black Woman” is a statement inspired by the Mothers of the Movement, which, by the way, is a group of women whose African American children have been killed by police officers or by gun violence.

Ellis says she wants police officers to be held accountable and supports better psychological screening for police officers.

“We need to tear down the whole criminal justice system and rebuild it,”  said Ellis. “If we all stand in unity on that. We can do it.”

In Other Terry Ellis News …

Ellis has been celebrating the 30th anniversary of En Vogue’s first album, “Born To Sing,” that was reissued on April 3rd of this year. Meanwhile, ‘Angry Black Woman” is Ellis’ second solo release following her “Southern Gal” debut in 1995. Just as En Vogue’s ‘Free Your Mind’ has become an anthem for the past 25 years, Ellis’ “Angry Black Woman” is a statement inspired by the Mothers of the Movement.

Ellis’ group, En Vogue holds an indelible place in musical history as a female group that represents an unique fusion of music, style and timeless class. Affectionately known as the as the ‘funky divas,’ En Vogue’s red dresses are on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. (NMAAHC) in Washington, DC.

Recognized as one of the top 5 highest selling American female music groups in history, En Vogue, currently consisting of Cindy Heron-Braggs, Terry Ellis and Rhona Bennett has sold over 20 million albums, and effortlessly transitioned into the digital age, amassing over 30 million streams and over 26 million YouTube views on their top 6 hit singles alone: the R&B and Pop smashes (Hold On, Free Your Mind, Never Gonna Get It, Giving Him Something He Can Feel, Don’t Let Go, and Whatta Man feat. Salt N Pepa). The group has won seven MTV Video Music Awards, three Soul Train Awards, two American Music Awards, and received seven Grammy nominations.



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