Wednesday, May 18, 2022

‘Officer Karen’: Crying White Cop Suspicious of Delayed McDonald’s Order Goes Viral (Watch)

McIntosh County, Georgia, sheriff’s Officer Stacy Talbert

*A white police officer who recorded a Facebook Live video expressing her paranoia over a delayed McDonald’s order has sparked reaction that exemplifies the national divide over opinions of law enforcement amid current protests against police brutality and racial inequality.

Conservative sites that shared the video expressed outrage that McIntosh County, Georgia, sheriff’s Officer Stacy Talbert was deliberately mistreated by restaurant workers. But police critics and supporters of reform said she was being extra and acting entitled about a delay in getting a fast-food meal.

After the video went viral with over 13 million views, Talbert told NBC News that she filmed the video Monday morning after an overnight shift, not out of fear but to share her frustration. “It’s not that people are waiting in the wings to hurt us,” she said Wednesday. “It’s that people don’t trust us.”

“It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve been up,” she continued. “It doesn’t matter what I’ve done for anyone. Right now, I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s because I can’t see it being made,” she said in the video, wiping at tears.

She added: “I don’t know how much more I can take. I’ve been in this for 15 years, and I have never, ever had such anxiety about waiting for McDonald’s drive-thru food,” prompting folks online to label her level of tears over this as “entitled” and “white privilege.” Her comment, “I don’t know what’s going on with people nowadays, but please just give us a break. Please just give us a break,” did nothing to counter those accusations.

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