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Public Relations Veteran Gwendolyn Quinn Announces the Relaunch of ‘Global Communicator’ Magazine





*Today, public relations veteran and media strategist Gwendolyn Quinn announced the relaunch of Global Communicator, a monthly e-publication for people of color that features in-depth profiles of publicists, public relations and communications professionals, journalists, marketing and advertising executives, and content creators. The magazine is published on the platform. Global Communicator covers a wide range of communicators whose careers span the worlds of politics, corporate, healthcare, television, film, sports, performing arts, music, education, faith-based, non-profit, fine/visual arts, brand development, book and magazine publishing, community relations/affairs, government, fashion, beauty, special events, and other specialized areas.


Staci L. Hallmon (Photo Courtesy of Staci L. Hallmon)

The premiere issue features Staci Hallmon, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BET Live and the BET Experience. Hallmon shares her journey from the recording industry to Time Inc. to Essence to BET. In an exclusive interview, Candace Sandy, a prominent political and communications crisis strategist, reveals her battle with COVID-19. Donna Walker-Kuhne, the founder and President of Walker International Communications Group, talks about Broadway, New York Theater, and the arts during the age of COVID-19. Bil Carpenter, the co-founder of Capital Entertainment, shares his career development through the worlds of music, history, politics, and journalism. Television producer Deborah Byrd, who is the founder and CEO of AK Blackbyrd Productions, talks about her journey from Alaska’s extreme cold and snowy weather to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.


Candace Sandy (Photo Courtesy of Candace Sandy)

“We are honored to profile Staci, Candace, Donna, Bil, and Deborah, who happen to be some of my favorite colleagues and friends,” says Quinn, Chief Content Officer of the Global Communicator. “The purpose of relaunching the magazine is to put the spotlight on many of our sung and unsung friends and colleagues, who have inspired and empowered the global community. We want to recognize and celebrate our trailblazers for their outstanding and groundbreaking contributions in their fields. When we launched the magazine in 2004, our mission was to highlight professionals from a diverse sphere. Many of us have known each other for decades and there’s still so much more we don’t know about each other. We must document our stories; legacy matters.”


Donna Walker-Kuhne (Photo Courtesy of Donna Walker-Kuhne)

“Relaunching Global Communicator was one of the things on my list for 2020, and during this quarantine time, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity,” Quinn continues. “We are happy to welcome former Billboard and Essence editor Janine Coveney as our editing consultant and in the coming months, we also expect to add a few contributors to the team. For the remainder of this year, we plan to cover important issues that impact us all including healthcare, mental health, race, the financial crisis, and new business development, policing and criminal justice and reform, politics, and the elections.”


Bil Carpenter (Courtesy of Bil Carpenter)

Global Communicator is a brand extension of the former African American Public Relations Collective (AAPRC), a community of black publicists and public relations, and communications professionals. The AAPRC is in the process of restructuring and will be renamed to a formal organization.

The magazine has previously profiled a who’s who of industry professionals including the late publishing giant and pioneer John H. Johnson, Ed Bradley, Gwen Ifill, and Pulitzer Prize winner Les Payne; along with award-winning journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault, media mogul Cathy Hughes, Soledad O’Brien, Robin Roberts, Carole Simpson, Ed Gordon, Tavis Smiley, Suzanne Malveaux, Johnnie Roberts, Farai Chideya, Jacque Reid, and Pulitzer Prize winner Clarence Page, among others. Some of the public relations professionals featured include the late Pat Tobin and Ofield Dukes; as well as Judy Smith, Terrie Williams, Marcy DeVeaux, Michael Lewellen, Alicia Evans, Robin Verges, Helen C. Shelton, and numerous others. Global Communicator also featured former publicist and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ava DuVernay.


Deborah Byrd (Photo Courtesy of Deborah Byrd)

“When we started Global Communicator, we had an amazing team of writers and contributors, including current advertising executive and creative writer Lynn Pitts, who wrote a majority of the stories; and Christy DeBoe Hicks, and Shawn Rhea, who contributed to one of our issues,” says Quinn. “I am grateful for their excellent writing, expertise, and shared vision. I would also like to thank and acknowledge Robyn Ryland-Sanders, who was there from the beginning and worked closely with the team on each issue.”

Gwendolyn Quinn is an award-winning communications strategist and consultant with a career spanning more than 25 years. As a contributor, she has penned stories for, Black Enterprise,, Huff Post, and

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Pastors of Different Races Merge Churches and Release New Book to Help Heal Racial Divides (EUR EXCLUSIVE!)




Pastor Derrick Hawkins and Pastor Jay Stewart


*In 1960, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “11 ‘o’clock on Sunday morning is one of the most segregated hours, if not the most segregated hour, in Christian America.”

The civil rights leader’s famed quote was in reference to of course just how segregated church services were, and in many cases still are, across the United States.

Hoping to bridge this wide gap, in 2016, Pastors Derrick Hawkins (African American) and Jay Stewart (Caucasian American) decided to merge their racially separate congregations into The Refuge Church in North Carolina.

The recently released book, “Welded: Forming Racial Bonds That Last,” co-authored by the pastors, chronicles their relationship and what led to this racial reckoning. (Buy book now).

“We are living in a time where there still is much division, anger, and confusion in our nation especially as it relates to racial unity,” Pastor Stewart said in an EUR phone interview. “The bottom line is that we have a very unique story and God has chosen to write a better narrative in the midst of all the confusion and anger.”

Pastor Stewart continued, “So, we have an opportunity to share our story but to also give practical guidelines for how people can build relationships with people who look different than they do. The subtitle of the book is ‘forming racial bonds that last’ and that’s really the reason we’ve written this book.”


Pastor Jay Stewart (Photo Credit: iDisciple Publishing)

Pastor Hawkins blames the media partly for the racial strife and sees their story as a positive alternative.

“I think there are so many different narratives going on across the media,” Pastor Hawkins told the EUR. “There are so many things that the enemy is trying to spread. We wanted a better narrative and not just a better story and to let people know that there are amazing things happening with the body of Christ that are positive.”

Guidelines in the book to start racial healing include practicing understanding others, respecting others’ opinions, getting out of one’s comfort zone, and committing to unity.

“We seek to understand more than we seek to be understood,” said Pastor Stewart. “So, we have to lay down our own agenda and really come to the table with the goal of understanding the other person. Secondly, we value the relationship more than being right. We live in a day where everybody feels that they have a right to their own opinion. One thing we’ve learned is that we lay down our rights because the relationship is more important.”

Pastor Stewart added, “We also have to break out of our comfort zones and be willing to inconvenience ourselves for the sake of others and if we do that we discover the most greatest and thrilling adventures in our relationship with Christ.”

IMG_7023 (1)

Pastor Derrick Hawkins (Photo Credit: iDisciple Publishing)

Pastor Hawkins said of people coming together, “I live by the motto in Ephesians 4:3, just making unity a priority. We know that we don’t have the ability to create unity, but it is our job to project unity. Pastor Jay always said we want to take every opportunity to make unity a priority but also preserve it.”

“Unity doesn’t mean there’s an absence of disagreement, but we have the ability to protect unity at all costs,” added Pastor Hawkins. “And there’s a way to look at your own echo chamber to see what you can do to make sure you are building healthy relationships with people who don’t look the same as you.”

The recent presidential election and election in general showed that most white Christians favored Donald Trump and Republicans. This support has led many in the black community to believe that white Christians overwhelmingly support racism and other ideologies that divide the races. The pastors said political views should have no place in the church.

“The kingdom of heaven trumps any political party,” said Pastor Hawkins. “Our job is to always align people to the kingdom and those things that we know are biblical truth. That’s why Ephesians 4:3 is so important.”

“We’ve only chosen to focus on the things that we share in common,” said Pastor Stewart. “And those are the things that unite us in the word of God. Bottomline, our loyalty is to Jesus Christ and our loyalty is not to some political party or to some person and that’s the thing that unites us.”

Pastor Stewart and Pastor Hawkins met in 2014 and two years later the two merged their churches. The Refuge Church has three campuses in North Carolina- Kannapolis, NC (main campus), Salisbury, and Greensboro. Plus, an international location in Brazil.

Pastor Stewart heads the main campus, while Pastor Hawkins leads the Greensboro location. They often lead together in the church as one unit.

Here is a video clip regarding the merging.

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If you have not noticed, the pastors are also of different ages. They maintain a close father-son relationship because, “I’m just incredibly cool,” said Pastor Stewart. “I just have a heart for the kingdom and age doesn’t matter to me. God just knit us together in a really special way. It’s never been an issue for me, and I don’t think it’s been an issue for him.”

“I grew up around my grandmothers and older individuals and I love gleaning from the wisdom from the generations,” Pastor Hawkins said. “There’s no future without the shoulders of the previous generations. Outside of white, black, political differences, chaos, and challenges, this man has poured into me and my life has been better because of his core and his relationship with the Holy Spirit.”

The book “Welded: Forming Racial Bonds That Last” is now out and available to buy here. For more information on the book, go here. For information on The Refuge Church, go here.


Pastor Derrick Hawkins and Pastor Jay Stewart, authors of newly released book “Welded: Forming Racial Bonds That Last.”


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Actors Dexter Darden and Belmont Cameli Talk About Their Roles in The New Saved By The Bell




Dexter Darden

*The 90s sitcomSaved by the Bell” is returning to TV. The revised Saturday morning favorite will be airing on NBC’s new streaming service Peacock.

The show will focus on a new generation of Bayside High students along with some old favorites. Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is now the governor of California and come under heat as he is blamed for the closing of many low-income schools. To rectify the situation he proposes those students attend Bayside High.  

The transferred students find themselves adjusting to being out of their element, while the Bayside students try to play nice and make room for the new kids. We spoke with Dexter Darden and Belmont Cameli about their characters.

“It really is important to show that just where you are doesn’t necessarily have to be where you’re going to go. For Devante to come to Bayside and meet Jamie Spano and Mac Morris and have the opportunity to interact with all these kids who aren’t like him and not what he’s used to, it’s really special,” is what Dexter had to say about his character Devante.

MORE NEWS: Some White Man Is Being Praised for his Cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s ‘Put Your Records On’ and Black Women are Incensed (Watch)

Belmont Camelin plays Jamie who is the son of Jessie Spano, played by Elizabeth Berkley. As a true fan of the original, you have to wonder if the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree?  Is Jessie’s son a passionate outspoken book worm kind of kid? Well only somewhat according to Belmont:

 “I don’t think he’s as strong about his academics but he’s certainly passionate and he’s a very expressive person. His mom has made him very aware of his feelings and relationships,” says Belmont.

Not only was Jessie a straight-A student she was also vocal about anything she felt wasn’t right, so it’ll be interesting to see her son be just as vocal as the show covers topics that the 90’s version didn’t cover.  

Check out the new generation of “Saved By The Bell” November 25 on Peacock.  


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Young Filmmaker Kalia Love Jones Evokes ‘Power of Hope’ and A Bright Future



Kalia Love Jones
Kalia Love Jones filmmaker Nov 2020 14yrs old

Writer, Producer, Director & Animated Filmmaker Kalia Love Jones (Nov. 2020)

*Kalia Love Jones is a young filmmaker who has taken the transformative words of former First Lady Michelle Obama to another level.

At just fourteen years old, she is now the writer, producer and director of an animated short called “The Power of Hope.” Kalia got the idea for the film when she was twelve.

Her parents supported the idea but encouraged her to earn her own money to finance her film.  Kalia rose to the challenge and a year later her film was complete thanks to the funds she acquired from recycling.

THE REAL: Killer Mike’s Optimism About the Georgia Runoff Election, Jesse Williams on Fighting for Social Justice Locally

Power of Hope movie poster

Kalia Love Jones, 14 year old animated filmmaker is making waves with “The Power of Hope.”

“The Power of Hope” depicts a young girl who aspires to be a renown architect.   When she encounters obstacles, she commits to staying focused on her goals and working harder while remembering the words of Michelle Obama.   The six minute animated short is on par with the work of seasoned filmmakers, layered with emotion, vibrant cinematography, a lyrical score and anchored by a beautiful aspirational story.  Well Hollywood, make way for a new femme fantabulous in the field of animation.  Kalia is currently on the festival circuit with “The Power of Hope” and it is evident that the sky is the limit.  Visit For info on Kalia Love Jones contact: Yvonne Gilliam [email protected]  or call (214)336-1583.

LaRita Shelby cropped slate shotLaRita “Jazzy Rita” Shelby is a writer & entertainer and Director of Digital Strategy & Sales for, newly branded Everything Urban & Radioscope.  Winner of MIMPA’S 2020 Entertainment Journalist of the Year Award & Proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho.  LaRita is the author of The Brand Beside the Brand and On My Father’s Side. Check out her new single on iTunes “Goodbye 2020.” Chat, swap ideas & vision at [email protected]

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