Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Pulse of Entertainment: Underground Hits Production Presents Gxlden Doll aka Gene$i$

Underground Hits Production artist Gxlden Doll. (Photo: Underground Hits Production)

*“I want to make the time worth it,” said entertainer Gxlden Doll aka Gene$i$ about signing a management deal with Underground Hits Production. “I’m looking forward to progressing. He wasn’t doing management because he was too busy, but he made time to work with me.”

Underground Hits was also handling marketing for the careers of Motor Sports’ Richard Petty and NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace, and managing the careers of Hip-Hop’s Y.F.R.S. and Eli. I call Gxlden Doll an entertainer because she seems to do it all-singing, songwriting, rapping and modeling. I’m sure she can probably act too.

“I went into the studio with one of their artist name Eli. I was going to work for him writing,” said Gxlden Doll about how she hooked-up with Underground Hits. “He…was talking to someone looking for an artist. He ended up saying he wanted to work with me.”

Gxlden Doll began singing at the age of nine. Shortly afterwards the Honor Roll student began songwriting. The Kansas City native recently received four Kansas City “People’s Choice Award” nominations – “Best Female Vocalist,” “Best Female Rapper,” “Best Makeup Artist,” and “Best Model.” With the guidance of Underground Hits Production which is already making its mark in creating “celebrities,” I see her future is bright.

“He already got me in the studio,” she said excitedly. “He is about the music and the artist, not so much the money…so I want to make sure the time is worth it.”

I have the feeling we are going to see big things coming from this 19-year-old “entertainer.”

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Eunice Moseley
Eunice Moseley is a syndicated columnist of The Pulse of Entertainment, which has an estimated syndicated readership of 1/4 million a week. She is also a PR/Media & Promotions consultant at her firm Freelance Associates ( located in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, is the founder and coordiantor of the 'Uplifting Minds II' Entertainment Conference ( held annually in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, as well as, the Promotions Director (at-large) at The Baltimore Times.



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