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WATCH Spike Lee and Breonna Taylor’s Mother Tamika Palmer on Today’s ‘Tamron Hall’

*Prolific filmmaker Spike Lee joined the Monday, June 15 edition of “Tamron Hall” to discuss his new Netflix film, Da 5 Bloods alongside cast members Delroy Lindo and Jonathan Majors. Lee also weighed in on the current Black Lives Matter movement and shared his thoughts on Roger Goodell’s recent apology regarding peaceful protests.

Tamron started the interview remembering Lee’s 1989 film Do The Right Thing about a fictional character, Radio Raheem, being choked to death by a police officer and sparking riots. When asked about his first reaction to the recent death of George Floyd and the relevance it has to his film Lee responded …

“I’ve seen this before. And I’d like to add that Radio Raheem was a fictional character, but his chokehold by the NYPD was based upon a chokehold of NYC transit police for the graffiti artist Michael Stewart — he died in a chokehold 1983, that’s where it came from. The struggle continues and black lives are still…we’re in danger. Black Lives Matter.”

On how he believes Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League, will be remembered following his recent apology on behalf of the NFL, Lee said:

“History will not be kind to Roger Goodell. I’ll leave it like that. This thing he just came out with, this apology – how could you have an apology and not even mention brotherman’s name, brotherman Colin Kaepernick. How could you have a heartfelt apology and not say his name? No pun intended.”

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Tamron also spoke with Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, a young African American woman who was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers while in her home on March 13. Palmer was joined by her attorneys Lonita Baker and Benjamin Crump.

Tamron asked the group why they believed that this case has not seen the same media attention as George Floyd, to which Lonita Baker responded, “Well initially — it’s important to note — that when Breonna was first killed they labeled her as a suspect. They labeled Kenny Walker, who was protecting her, as a suspect. So it just didn’t get any media attention. This is a young lady who devoted her life to saving lives. She worked two jobs. She was as hard-working as her mother is. Her sister lived with her. So we really had to get the story out there, and while we’ve become accustomed to police killing our black men…we’re just not used to it happening to our black women. But what we can all, and I hope we all realize is, Breonna Taylor could have been any of our daughters. The way that this happened — it shouldn’t have happened. The lies and the search warrant. It could have been any of our daughters.”

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When Tamron asked Breonna’s mother what has been taken from her since the tragic death of her daughter, Tamika Palmer emotionally responded:

“A piece of me. It’s just heartbreaking, you know, she didn’t deserve it. She would have helped anybody and she will continue to help people, but some days I feel like I can’t breathe without her. To watch my other daughter go through it, it’s heartbreaking. To watch my family go through it…her friends…it’s unreal.”

When asked about next steps in the case, attorney Benjamin Crump said, “Well, we fully expect that these officers should be terminated from being police officers and charged to the full extent of the law for the crimes that they committed, that took Tamika Palmer’s firstborn away from her. It is unjustifiable that she was executed in the sanctity of her own apartment.”

Following are highlights for Tamron Hall for the week of June 15, 2020. Please note: lineup is subject to change.

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Thursday, June 18: “Live” co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. Plus, Actress Olivia Munn on her Netflix film Love Wedding Repeat, dating, and more. And, Couples from TLC’s popular “90 Day Fiancé” join the show to talk about the new spinoff “90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined.” (OAD: 4/17/20)

Friday, June 19: Stars of the new ABC series “The Baker and the Beauty” Nathalie Kelley and Victor Rasuk. Plus, Overindulging in Quarantine – guests who have found themselves binging on comfort food and drinking to pass the time, and adults who are sheltering with their parents. And, an ER doctor loses temporary custody of her four-year-old daughter to her ex-husband over Coronavirus fears. (OAD: 4/20/20)








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