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The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: ADOS Funding Our Own Genocide



Steffanie Rivers - headface
Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers

*I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about White guilt since the release of that video showing the modern-day lynching of George Floyd three weeks ago. In recent weeks I’ve had my own experiences with White people offering larger monetary tips than usual at work and more compliments on how beautiful I am.

Most Black people don’t need White people to confirm their intelligence or that our Black is beautiful. Random acts of kindness won’t erase deliberate acts of corporate discrimination, miseducation about African and American histories, systemic brutality by law enforcement officers or unfair treatment of Black people by the criminal justice system. If that’s not bad enough we have to acknowledge as tax-paying citizens African descendants of Slaves (ADOS) have been funding our own genocide!

Our money pays the salaries of those bully, liar and killer cops! And now, after the recent release of video showing thirteen Chicago policemen who hid in an office building for hours when they were being paid to protect and serve during protests, I must add thieving cops to the list. Lounging when you should be working is stealing.

We should demand our local representatives to redirect taxpayer funds away from police departments as they currently exist and towards initiatives that better serve our communities. We want to start by requiring police to live in the communities they police. No more living in the suburbs then coming to our neighborhoods to beat and brutalize residents. Do that to their own people in their own communities if they must. If city council members and state lawmakers won’t support legislation for the protection and improvement of your community, vote them out and get someone else who will or run against them yourself!

The latest example of constituents wielding their power is in Louisville where the city council voted last week to ban no-knock warrants in that jurisdiction. That’s good news. The bad news is it took the killing of Breonna Taylor by bully, liar, killer cops to make it happen. Sgt. Jon Mattingly, Officers Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison and a fourth officer who shot into the apartment from his post outside have been reassigned, but still are on the payroll and still have not been charged with a crime. Judge Mary Shaw, who authorized the warrant without considering all the facts of the case, also should be held accountable. Shaw will be up for election to Kentucky’s 30th Judicial Circuit in 2023. Tell anyone you know who lives in the Louisville area to vote her out of office.

Every state except Oregon and Florida allow ‘no-knock warrants.’ Don’t wait until killer cops show up at your door to take action. Get it banned in your state now. And stop paying for legalized genocide of people who look like you. Start supporting people who support you. Power belongs to the people. Take back your power, people. 

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries. 

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EUR Commentary

The Black Hat: Ice Cube Wants Democrats to EARN the Black Vote – How’s That Make Him a Sellout?



Ice Cube (advisory)
Ice Cube (Instagram)

Ice Cube (Instagram)

It’s funny – when the quarantine was finally lifted, and clothing stores across the country were allowed to reopen, blacks far and wide emerged from their section 8 apartments and used their COVID relief money to buy GUCCI, Prada, Versace and other European brands created by old white, nigga-hating racists.

Be patient – I’m going somewhere with this …

That’s right – as I write this sentence, some fool in the ghetto is putting on his Louis Vuitton belt – it’s the newest addition to his collection of overpriced junk he’s purchased since the pandemic began.

Pookie and so many others like him are part of a lynch mob on Twitter bashing rapper Ice Cube for meeting with president Trump recently.

Here’s the irony behind it all: while these idiots pay thousands to wear brands created for WHITE PEOPLE, they still have the audacity to point their crusty, dusty, ashy fingers at Ice Cube. Why?

How could anyone with intelligence call this man a “sellout?

According to multiple sources, including his own Twitter page, Cube successfully negotiated a multi-billion dollar deal with the Trump administration aimed to empower Black America for YEARS to come. It’s called the “platinum plan.”

Don’t you niggas like platinum? You’ve been whining about “reparations” for decades. Why y’all fools complaining? He’s trying to HELP.

Who cares where the money is coming from. Does it matter? I didn’t see any of this energy back in April, when that stimulus check came in the mail. I thought y’all niggas hated Trump and the government. It hasn’t stopped you from using y’all’s EDD cards to buy crab legs and Escalades. That’s courtesy of Trump.

When did it become a rule that you have to “like” whoever you’re doing business with? Trump will never be compared to Nelson Mandela. He may very well be an undercover racist – but in the grand scheme of things, who gives a damn? Y’all niggas want help or what? Al Sharpton and his pal Jesse won’t be offering you the same deal anytime soon.

Why y’all mad?

WATCH Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis in ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ TRAILER

It’s a sad reality – the black community is plagued by monolithic thinking, especially when it comes to issues surrounding race and politics. It’s gotten so ingrained, that if an individual publicly disagrees with or questions the black majority in any fashion, there are often swift and vicious consequences. Ice Cube is the latest example of what happens when a black independent thinker decides to challenge the status quo.

He asked a simple question: When will Democrats be required to EARN the black vote?

Seems reasonable.

They’ve shown a lack of urgency to empower the neighborhoods and townships they govern. Nevertheless, black and brown communities led by Democrats routinely vote for the same politicians. It’s insanity.

Ice Cube went to another source for support, and now he’s being labeled a “sellout” for his efforts. How typical. Maybe he should’ve waited another 30 years for Democrats to finally reciprocate the support and loyalty they’ve received from minorities without having to EARN any of it.

Is that what it takes for a black individual to avoid being called a sellout – accepting the status quo?

In case some of y’all need help remembering just how “pro black” rapper Ice Cube has always been, let me remind you of his role as a founding member of the notoriously controversial 1980’s rap group “NWA” – Niggas With Attitude.

As teenagers, they created songs with lyrics that directly challenged the white power establishment in America, including their most popular and polarizing hit, “F*ck the Police.”

During his portion of the classic anthem, Cube laments racism’s impact on the welfare and social status of minorities, and he eviscerates law enforcement and the criminal justice system for its disproportionately harsh treatment of African Americans.

It’s some of the most “pro black” musicianship you’ll ever hear.

More than 30 years later, after helping to empower the careers and aspirations of several black performers via film and television – Cube finds himself in a rather precarious position as rumblings of his alleged “coonery” reverberate throughout the Black community.

That’s right – despite his contributions to hip hop and black culture as a whole, the successful mogul is being accused of turning his back on other minorities because of his recent dealings with president Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

It’s my understanding that Cube recently contacted Democrats and Republican leaders about drafting a official contract between themselves and African American voters. The stipulations were to include tangible and actionable steps both parties would take to accommodate the interests and concerns of African Americans.

According to the reports I’ve seen, Cube garnered tepid responses from Democrats (no surprise there), while Trump’s administration jumped at the opportunity to meet with him. It’s not a matter of Cube choosing one group over the other – he gave Democrats an opportunity to participate in the discussion and they passed on it.

I’m not aware of what he and Trump discussed, but it’s probably safe to assume that Cube expressed his frustration at how both parties routinely pander to black voters during every election cycle, while failing to actually deliver on any of the promises they make.

Nevertheless, even after explaining his intentions publicly, Cube is being thrown into a pile of black celebrity castaways. The list includes Kanye West, football hall-of-fame inductee and civil rights pioneer Jim Brown, and Steve Harvey.

These men were each given hell on social media for their interactions with the commander-in-chief, but is it fair to call them “sellouts” for merely thinking outside of the box?

Why do blacks scoff at the terms “monolith” and “groupthink,” even though evidence proves there’s a collective bias within the community against anyone who dares to step outside of certain norms and cultural traditions?

I could go on and on about why it’s problematic for black people to alienate one another based on their political affiliations. But it’s even more disheartening to witness a community spew hate and vitriol at one of their own simply because he’s choosing to ignore the political boundaries established for the black voter.

Cory A. Haywood

Cory A. Haywood

The Black Hat is written by  Southern California based  Cory A. Haywood, a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: [email protected] and/or visit his blog:, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood

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The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: The Peeing Pastor



drugs & alcohol

*If someone assaulted you or a family member, then claimed he was under the influence of a drug that caused him to commit the assault, would that excuse be enough for you to not press charges against him?

Alicia Beverly of Detroit said she was assaulted during a flight by another passenger. The other passenger claimed he was under the influence of a well known sleep-aid. Beverly said she was asleep on the flight from Las Vegas to Detroit last week when – all of a sudden -she felt a warm sensation! That’s when she woke up to find a man standing over her urinating on her! No it wasn’t R Kelly! I think he’s still locked up!

Beverly said she screamed and everybody turned to see what was going on. The peeing passenger shook off his eggplant, put it back in his pants and zipped up leaving her wet and a puddle of urine in the seat next to her.

There was an off-duty police officer who took control and detained the peeing passenger until they landed hours later. The excuse this guy gave for his pissy behavior? A sleep-aid made him do it. He was sleepwalking – sleep-peeing – to be more accurate. Maybe he thought he was in the bathroom. Turns out this peeing passenger is a well-known pastor in North Carolina. His name wasn’t released. People who know his identity called to get a comment from him or a deacon or somebody. Nobody can get even an Amen out of the church folk about this.

Alicia Beverly - 34430716-0-image-a-4_1602768356067

Alicia Beverly

When the plane landed hours later the peeing pastor was turned over to law enforcement on the ground. Beverly, who sat through the rest of the flight soaked in the pastor’s pee – I guess she had no change of clothes available because she had checked her luggage – claims she has not been contacted about the situation by the airline or law enforcement. No cleaning voucher, no apologies, no nothing!

If he has been charged she should know. If she doesn’t know it’s my guess that he wasn’t charged. This incident is enough to make you ask ‘Why me, GOD?’ 

Do you think the pastor who peed on her should be charged with assault? Do you think Ms. Beverly deserves some justice or his ‘sleeping pills made me do it’ defense is sufficient?

That ‘under the influence’ defense didn’t work out for the 90k other people who find themselves charged and convicted of crimes ranging from lewd acts to murder. Of the 2.3 million people locks up in American prisons, four percent of them admitted they were under the influence of a LEGAL drug at the time of their offense. These legal drugs include barbiturates, hallucinogens and stimulants they could have gotten as a prescription or purchased over the counter. Some of these legal drugs that have landed people in prison are found in sleeping pills. 

HEB sleep-aid - 000663583

If you consider sleeping pills to be mild forms of legal pharmaceuticals, you would be wrong. Remember Michael Jackson died from overdosing on a sleep-aid. And he was under the care of a doctor at the time. I’m not a doctor, but here’s what I found out:  Sleep-aids are considered to be sedative hypnotics. At worst they could kill you (remember Michael Jackson), or you could become addicted. If you don’t take them as prescribed or you don’t follow directions on the label the side effects could make you do strange things – even if you do follow directions. It’s called the side effects. 

Nearly half of Americans claim they have trouble sleeping and a bunch of those people use forms of sleeping pills. They are sold under various names. Not sure which one the peeing pastor took. So I won’t mention any names. 

About those side effects: Some of them include dizziness or trouble keeping your balance. So a person could appear drunk. Some cause diarrhea. That would explain why another passenger on another flight defecated on the jet bridge while waiting in line to board a flight. Other side effects are sleep walking, sleep driving and unusual dreams. So the pastor could have been living out a golden shower fetish or dreaming he was in the bathroom at the urinal. 

Taking sleeping pills before doing anything other than going to bed means this peeing pastor did not follow directions on the label. When he failed to do that he became liable for his behavior, however bizarre. Since the incident Beverly said she hasn’t been able to sleep more than a few hours at a time. That could lead her to start taking sleeping pills before too long.

Judging from the value society puts on Black women I think that if this happened to a White person who got peed on, which is a form of public humiliation, there would have been charges filed against this peeing pastor. If I was Beverly I would get an attorney to help seek justice.

Our quick-fix society spends too much time and money on mind-altering substances. Most – if not all – of these pharmaceutical company owners could care less about the well-being of their customers. They only care about making money and overcharging you in the process. 

We need to be in our right minds and not sleep walk our way through life. If you plan to win in life you must be informed, alert and engaged. You must be in control of your faculties so no one can take advantage of you and you won’t find yourself behaving in ways that disrespect others or leave you ashamed of yourself. 

Steffanie Rivers (screenshot1)

Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie is a freelance journalist living in Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @tcbstef

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EUR Commentary

Instead of Meaningful Commitment to Cube’s C.W.B.A., Trump’s Platinum Plan Disregards Rapper’s Most Innovative Ideas



Straight Outta Compton - Special Screening

Photo by Chillopedia

*This past Tuesday, social media users were outraged to discover via Twitter that former N.W.A. member and “Are We There Yet?” actor, Ice Cube has collaborated with the Trump Administration. The news was revealed when Katrina Pierson, senior advisor to the Trump campaign publicly thanked the rapper using the social site for his assistance in consulting the Administration on its “Platinum Plan.”

Originally introduced at a campaign rally in Atlanta back in September, the Platinum Plan is an economic proposal intended for Black Americans with the goal of financially empowering them through four pillars: opportunity, security, prosperity, and fairness. According to Ice Cube, his involvement with the proposal came only after the teams of both Biden and Trump contacted him regarding interest in his own plan for Black Americans entitled “A Contract with Black America” (C.W.B.A.). However, this explanation did not suffice as the rap icon’s actions still left many of his followers appalled even prompting famed journalist, Roland Martin to question whether he got: “used politically for their purposes.”

Performing damage control with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday, Ice Cube elaborated further on his involvement saying, “One campaign said ‘We love what you have, but let’s really dig into [it] after the election.’ And one campaign said ‘We love what you have, do you mind talking to us about it?’ And that’s what I did, so I didn’t run to nobody”” (Vera, 2020, para.3).

Ice Cube’s “A Contract with Black America” is a twenty-two-page, thirteen-point, ambitious demand to politicians: “that strikes at the heart of racism and presents a blueprint to achieve racial economic justice” (Hamilton, 2020, para.1). Developed in July, a couple months after the murder of George Floyd, the C.W.B.A. extensively covers not only how to redress the wealth gap between Whites and Blacks through initiatives like federal funding of “baby bonds” and one-time interest free loans for home ownership, but also touches upon judicial and police reform solutions such as eliminating privately run prisons and abolishing qualified immunity for officers, respectively.

MORE NEWS: R. Kelly Jail Beating Went Down While No Guard ‘Raised A Finger’ Says Legal Team

Trump and Pence - Unsplash

Trump and Pence – Unsplash

Overall, the C.W.B.A. is a mostly practical and very well-researched manifesto that thoroughly examines the sins of America against its Black citizenry and provides a list of solutions to rectify them.

Anyhow, two days before his interview with Cuomo, Ice Cube tweeted that the: “Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.”

However, after viewing both his and the Trump Administration’s proposal for Black Americans, I can confidently say that very little of Cube’s suggestions went into the Platinum Plan. Trump’s proposal is nothing more than empty promises written in a vague manner to create false hope amongst Black voters in order to win over some of their ballots this election. Cube’s proposal addresses a wide range of topics such as reparations, the implementation of affirmative action at all educational institutions, mandatory civil rights and anti-racism classes at all elementary schools, changing the way schools are funded, a formal apology to Black Americans for past wrongs, revamping the credit score model, eliminating three strikes, removal of Confederate statues, and lots more. All subjects Trump’s plan either fails to touch on or fully implement.

Donald Trump - Ice Cube

Donald Trump – Ice Cube

The Platinum Plan is brief in its points and makes promises that simply could have been accomplished in Trump’s first term. For example, it promises to: “prosecute the KKK and ANTIFA as terrorist organizations and make lynching a national hate crime.” But, this is laughable coming from a President, who just two weeks ago at the first presidential debate had the opportunity to denounce white supremacy, but hesitated, telling one racist group to instead: “Stand back and stand by.”

Trump also had the chance to advocate on the part of an anti-lynching bill back in June, when Representative Bobby Rush introduced the Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act to Congress, specifically the House. The bill would of recognized lynching as a hate crime for the first time under federal law, however its passage through the Senate was blocked by Senator Rand Paul, who felt that it as too broad. Where was the President when this was happening? I’ll tell you, not caring in the White House.

Ice Cube’s C.W.B.A has many great ideas, but he is wasting his time if truly believes the current administration will fully implement any of his most significant recommendations in their proposal. President Trump is a walking contradiction, he will say anything if it means personal gain. Black voters should take heed this coming election., Everything Urban & RadioScope (formerly The Electronic Urban Report) Covering the Culture since 1997

David Anthony EURweb 20201006_231339

David Anthony is new on the EURweb team. Covering the culture since 1997. Contact David: [email protected]

David Anthony is a new graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government.  A self-designated history buff and random fact finder, David could rattle your ear for hours with information. Born and raised in the City of Angels he is a huge fan of the city’s culture and hometown NBA team, the L.A. Clippers. A future attorney, businessman, and civil servant, he hopes to be an impactful individual in life.  Contact David: [email protected]

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