Monday, March 1, 2021

US, CA Authorities Pressured to Investigate Hangings of Two Black Men – Press Conference Set for Monday

The following is a press release statement from Najee Ali, CEO of Project Islamic Hope:

“The families of Malcolm Harsch, 38, who was found dead, hanging from a tree in Victorville, California on May 31, 2020 and Robert Fuller, who was discovered hanging from a tree in the city of Palmdale, California last week are calling for the U.S. Attorney, the Justice Department and California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra to conduct an independent investigation into the deaths of both men.

“Both the Palmdale Sheriff’s Department and Victorville Sheriff’s department have been attempting to report both deaths as suicide to the respective family’s as opposed to having an investigation of a hate crime.

“A detective from the Victorville police department called the Harsh family and stated that there was “no foul play suspected” even prior to the autopsy, which was not performed until 12 days after his body was found This, despite the fact that Malcolm Harsch who was 6 ft 3in tall, was found with blood on his shirt, hung by a USB cord.

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Robert Fuller - Malcolm Harsch
Robert Fuller – Malcolm Harsch

“Mr. Harsch’s family and Mr. Fuller’s family are looking for answers! These hangings of Black men in such a close perimeter, all ruled suicide immediately by law enforcement officials cannot be coincidental. The fact that neither case was investigated as a potential hate crime lynching is troubling and disturbing.

“There have been at least 3 other reports of suicide by hanging of Black men near the Victorville, CA area since 2012. An area that has a large population of skinheads, white supremacists and Klan members. Both families deserve answers and justice. We will hold a Justice for Malcolm Harsch rally Saturday, June 20th at 11am outside the Victorville Sheriff’s Department”

Najee Ali is the spokesperson for the Harsch family.

Press conference

Monday, June 15, 2020
Time 10:00am
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra
300 South Spring street
Los Angeles CA 90013





Najee Ali
Project Islamic Hope
[email protected]



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